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various monuments, mysterious ruins, ancient settlements and there are there are a bunch huge famous places in the world where there are various monuments, mysterious ruins, ancient settlements and other interesting. Some of them, such as Stonehenge has long been created, and the creators of them are still unknown, some have a relatively new history.

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Instructions for the survivors of the end of the world

On a rocky hill in the northeast Georgia, USA, it is one of the strangest monuments. It was not created in ancient times and in our times, and is known under the name «Georgia Guidestones» (Georgia Guidestones, about it a separate post). This structure consists of five dvadtsatitonnyh polished granite slabs more than five meters in height. On plates engraved texts in eight languages ​​- English, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Swahili, Hebrew, Hindi, Arabic. There are also texts engraved with Babylonian cuneiform, Sanskrit and Egyptian hieroglyphs. All these languages ​​are written instructions for those who survive after the global cataclysm, how to build a civilization. The monument is oriented to the cardinal, in some places are holes pointing to the North Star and the Sun. The whole structure is made of unknown group of people, which is still unknown.

Stonehenge Lake Michigan

The research team used sonar to find the remains of ships at the bottom of the lake Michmgan and found something else. At a depth of about 15 meters under the water there is a group of stones, similar to the famous English monument. Monoliths arranged in a circle on one of the scientists were able to see carvings of a mastodon. Approximate age of the complex is about 10,000 years old, that is, they were processed and installed during immediately after the Ice Age, when the ancient people and animals such as mastodons lived at one time.

Underwater ruins in Japan

On the southern coast of Japan, not in the district of Yonaguni in 1995 diver were found strange ruins. Their age is estimated at 8000 years, and the appearance makes geologists argue, UFO researchers and other experts of various profiles. At first glance it's hard to believe that these regular patterns can create during, or other atmospheric phenomena - without a human hand there does not seem to have done. Stairs, canals and wells - all regular shape, with right angles and straight walls. Who created it?

Treasures of Alexandria

On the coast of Alexandria, Egypt, found in the ruins of what was once a treasure trove of Cleopatra. It is estimated that one and a half thousand years ago, the earthquake has led to subsidence and flooding of land area, after which the imperial treasury was under water. Now, there are statues and decorative elements of the palace of Cleopatra, quite well preserved. Authorities Alexandria are going in the future to organize regular trips to this tempting place.

Stones of Baalbek

The largest temple, built by man, is not in Greece or Rome, but in the small town of Baalbek in Lebanon, which in ancient times was called the City of the Sun (Heliopolis). From the original castle remained only 6 out of 60 columns, and the rest were destroyed by the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius. Somehow, the ruins of Baalbek were not included in the popular tourist routes, so they were able to avoid the invasion of tourists and the removal of a piece. It is not known why this is the point on the globe attracted the Romans, so that they suffered a huge amount of stone to build a temple in this place.


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