Did you know that lies under the ground not far from Stonehenge?

Every year, scientists around the world are finding more puzzles that make the history of our planet even more complicated.

At this time, such a great discovery was made in England. British archaeologists have discovered the so-called second Stonehenge - a complex of more than 90 stones arranged in the shape of the letter S.

The stones were found 3 km from the famous Stonehenge us. As it turned out, they are under the ground at a depth of about 1 meter, reach a height of about 4, 5 meters and lay on its side.

The monument is located along the southeastern edge of Durrington Walls - the largest known to science Stone Age settlement, which is 3 kilometers from Stonehenge was built at the same time with him.

Stonehenge was found underground using a special radar equipment. The finds themselves scientists call it "a rare good fortune," and believe that similar facilities in the world to find.

This is one of the largest stone monument ever built in Europe, has been under our noses about 4 thousand years. This is a completely new type of construction for us, and its scale is truly impressive. We believe that the original building was the scene of some to commit ritual - these stones look like stage sets, the purpose of which is to impress the audience.

blockquote> Lead researcher Vince Gaffney.

The find has not yet unearthed, but the researchers are already sure that the buildings were used for the same monoliths as for Stonehenge.

The stones were hidden under the ground at least a thousand years. And their discovery - it is a truly great event, which, as we are sure site, will bring more puzzles and questions.

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