6 things that I would like to know before the wedding

These people really creating that prefer to learn from their mistakes. At work, in family relationships, we are constantly fills bumps, and only in hindsight, we see that it was possible to act quite differently.

The author of this article shares an invaluable experience that is worth knowing all couples and those who are just about to enter into an alliance. We are in the Website view: such things useful to know as early as possible.

1. unconditional and infinite love for the partner not byvaet.Vash spouse - not your child, partner, a person with whom you are willing to spend the rest of his life. There is no guarantee that you will love this man every day (month, year), as there is no guarantee that it will experience the same thing.

When the complexity of the relationship came, I worried that our marriage is falling apart. And what kind of love can there be if we so badly acted with each other.

Family therapist explained to us: eternal love does not happen, you can not always be at the peak of feelings and emotions. Then in my head something clicked: we can be a happy family, even in those moments when it is not burning with love. < Yes, we will always have to pursue each other, to work on the relationship - even after 5, 10, 15 years of marriage.

2. The first two years after birth may be the most difficult period. Do not let him be a model for further otnosheniy.Bezuslovno child - one of the greatest joys in life for people who want to have a family. But at the same time it is very difficult and challenging time: your whole life and habitual way turn over upside down, you will not get enough sleep, even a change of thinking.

All are advised to pay due attention to the relationship, and it will not be easy. But it is very, very important not to allow this difficult period to become a model for your relationship with your spouse. Do not let resentment to take hold of you, calmly discuss problems and learn patience. Accept help and support from your family, try to be better. But in any case, do not build their future relations on resentment and anger.

3. You are not always to be active lo * sualnaya zhizn.Kak much as you may love lo * s, it is not as much as you would like. Sooner or later you will come across the fact that there * Ido in your pair do not match. Unfortunately, there is some delicious Council, which would help to resolve this situation, but one thing is clear: the cooling lo * sexual relations - your common problem.

You do not have to deal with lo * catfish, when you do not want this, but try to make every effort to renew the desire, turn to a therapist, read a romance novel, exchange lo * sualnymi photos. Turn on the imagination, but do not give up.

And if you're the one who has the most desire? In no case do not become an extortionist, it will only worsen the situation. The best thing you can do - is to find intimacy in other everyday things. See embracing transmission, cook together, call for the day, touching each other - these moments are very important of them is life.

4. Do not forget to please your mate pleasant melochami.I it is not in gifts, flowers and enchanting lo * se. Is that sometimes. The point is to name his favorite, to say how happy you are to hear his voice. Or buy his favorite cookies on the way home - just to make nice.

It sounds pretty snotty. I myself grew up in a strict family where there was no tenderness to say different, but if it brings pleasure to the couple, why not? Now I like the most, and to express their feelings and share them. A happy marriage is made up of many small happy moments. So, once come to mind something romantic - do not stop, do it. And you will not regret it.

5. Do not become someone who does not want to work on otnosheniyami.Pravda is this: no matter how much one of the partners will work to resolve the various problems in the marriage, regardless of how many courses of therapy it will be, or one marriage will not survive without the joint action.

Most ruined marriages usually only one person really tries to save him, while the second takes no action. Perhaps no one is taught to help. Or they did not want to invest anything in these relations. In any case, they just gave up.

Even more terrible truth: you have to be patient and let your soul mate in free flight, allowing you to catch up at the right time. Sometimes you'll be doing too much work, sometimes - it, but eventually your total contribution will still be equal. In the end, the boat does not float when paddling on one side only.

6. Never argue for the one who does more: he who sits at home with the child, or someone who rabotaet.Dazhe not start this debate, there is no winner. Both of you are doing a lot of things that your partner simply can not see. And both of you are working hard. You can express your dissatisfaction, if there were any problems and it seems that all take on your shoulders, so try to help each other.

But do not sharpen the question on who is doing more of you. Appreciate the work your partner, even if you do not see the results with my own eyes. Tell him thanks. Right now.

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