Machu Picchu and thorny path to it

South America is getting closer again. Another report from Andrew Petrina with the atmosphere of the film Indiana Jones. Author's lexicon is stored.

On Tuesday we did climb to Machu Picchu. But the joy of recovery would not be complete without the traditional several "spoonfuls of tar." On the hill to the city can be accessed only from Aguas Calientes - a town with a price list multiplied by 8 compared to any Peruvian city. And to get to Aguas Calientes can only 2mya ways: 1) by a bastard monopoly PeruReyl for $ 80 an hour away; 2) and by a complex 5-hour detour with 2 transfers and 8-kilometer foot march-throw on the train paths for dessert.

What do you think: which option we choose? That's right, the second.

To plan, read the reviews / ratings / asked around just returned and went. The first question that made in the implementation of the preliminary plan - a feature pidarskaya Peruvians do all the time! South American Japanese, fuck them, Pachacutec Inca 12th! The bus was supposed to leave at 13:00 from Cuzco, we went to 13-40. But that's nothing. The driver, barely out of the city, and stopped, taking the keys from the ignition and went somewhere on business by 30 minutes. It did not suit me at all. Not only that, we were still on the transplant, so more and go on the rails had to be in the dark today.

As a solution was found with the motivation of the driver? Russian mat in conjunction with explicit gestures works wonders. About a minute it took him to understand that will take us along the rails if somewhere else, we'll be late. Then we pick up passengers without reducing the stroke of the bus, as the landing. Once 5 hours the carrier has stopped at the request of the traffic police, all the rest of the recording-Kaki none of the passengers did not even ask.
We arrived after dark in Santa Maria, where you had to transfer to the Santa Teresa. Everything was good and after 5 minutes we were in the car in the right direction. And here in Santa Teresa at 9 pm to take us further along the standard rate taxi drivers refused. Like 2 people - a little back to the client is not, let's stay with us and tomorrow night (very bad word - Mañana; synonym for - ever) we'll take you, etc. 2nd fare paid, but have gone, as has already been bought tickets for Machu Picchu at 7am.

Yes, by the way, was bought by a Chinese lantern for $ 2 and a set of batteries - dark still go on rails. The taxi driver turned out to be a humanist and 2nd tariff told where to cut off the path a little bit. Thanks for nothing. Moving 5 minutes from the city, being in the pitch darkness of the jungle and Chinese lanterns at the ready, I only believed in our strength. Strength and confidence diminished considerably once went to the shower. Typically, such a tropical downpour overnight. We decided to get to point B even if we reach the morning.

In short we were. On the one hand rail web break and there is noise mountain river. On the other - the jungle with a bunch of sounds of unknown origin and glowing eyes. From time to time due to the angle of the train leaves. He did not hear - mutes the sound of the river all, but sometimes it can be seen - the publication of his report on time to spotlight approximation. We have time to jump back to the tracks. But that's nothing. As a bonus, the most persistent night conquerors rail has voids (holes), rotten sleepers, bridges without railings and a meter failures between sections. I prayed to a Chinese lantern and batteries that could.

For 2 hours and 40 minutes, we came to a point B, settled down and fell asleep. Sleeping was set aside for 4 hours. Woke up, got dressed in all wet and went to conquer Machu Picchu. Climbed fervor ahead of the boldest forecasts. And, of Indian Pachacutec, we were rewarded Beautiful sunrise with the feeling that Cameron's Avatar could shoot there, and not in Zealand. Next, we were lucky that we, without knowing it, have bought the correct tickets Vine Picchu which the super-review, see the mystique with fog, clouds, wind and the crack of dawn on the mountain. The spectacle, I tell you, just super. Energy titanic! Photos can not convey this.

Back we got / arrived at a hefty pickup at the price of the bus, as the rush we have not been where and friends, knowing that pick two better than to stand up in the evening and get the same amount, he agreed to go.

Tomorrow we go to Bolivia Lake Titicaca. Its height is 3810 meters above sea level. But this is a fuck. We are well and properly acclimatized to the altitude.


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