Keanu Reeves: I have in my life had a lot of tragedies, but ...

- What is the most deceitful you heard about yourself?
- What I'm sad and depressed. The truth is that I, on the contrary, quite cheerful and love to joke.
- You lost a child, then died and your girlfriend ...
- Show me a man who has not had tragedies in life. There is no such. Yes, I have had problems, but I have never experienced the feeling that a burden unbearable burden on their shoulders. I live in the present, not the past.

- You will often offer to play the sad characters - like Kai in your last film "47 Ronin".
- Yes, this character there is sadness. But in Japan, "47 Ronin" - a tale that parents tell the children from generation to generation. She even taught in school - it is part of education, since the Japanese instill loyalty and self-sacrifice.
- What memories from training for these shootings?
- At that time I began to feel the weight of his years (laughs). I had a lot of difficult lessons - such as fencing with both hands. Even I learned to dance, but only that part which was required for filming. No less difficult to shoot each scene in English, and then - in Japanese. It would be easier to play in French - at least I know the language a little bit, though far from being able to speak it fluently. I can choose a dish in a restaurant, ask for directions and, most importantly, I know some swear words (smiles).

- September 2, you Celebrate 50th Anniversary. What do you think about your career?
- I was lucky with a good movie from the beginning. I offer a variety of characters - ever since as "The Matrix" has received such a success. This is due to simple luck. And maybe a little - my abilities. I think over the years I'm getting better. And I look at the approaching 50th anniversary with serenity.
- Have you thought what would happen to your life if you had not left Canada for Hollywood?
- With six to twenty years I have lived in Canada. As a teenager, my only passion was hockey - like millions of young boys. I have an incredible amount of training, wanted to get into the national team and to protect the honor of the country at the Olympics. Before I was completely engulfed the theater - it's happened in 15 years: the first is my serious play changed my whole life.

- You often starring Sandra Bullock. It's your favorite partner?
- Let's just say I find that we had a lovely couple. But only in the movies. It's a great idea - to play a duet for decades. And I hope to meet again with Sandra in the next film.
- Do you believe in everlasting love?
- I'm not the guy to talk about it. Do not I need to ask questions about eternal love, as if it existed, I did still have not found. But I am sure that each of us there is a perfect man - Keanu Reeves has admitted - and that our whole life is arranged so that we can have a chance to find a rare treasure. Once you find love with a capital letter, your life becomes a series of perfect moments.



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