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We publish a magazine article Wonderzine, which we were surprised and even a little touched.

blockquote> Keanu Reeves became famous for his modesty and deservedly considered almost the kindest man in Hollywood. Of course, we can judge only by the stories that walk on the Internet, but I want to believe that they were not in a vacuum. We tell all that we learned about Reeves, who wrongly considered the most depressed person in the world because of the popular meme "sad Keanu».

1. Keanu and crew ploschadka

The most famous story associated with the shooting, there was in the days of "The Matrix." After the success of the first film actor decided to give up part of future earnings, which, according to outside estimates, amounted to approximately $ 80 million, the team of special effects and costume designers. Reeves felt that they deserved praise for his work on more than others. I do not forget about it and stuntmen - absolutely everyone working on a sequel "The Matrix", he bought on the bike. Reeves and he loves bikes, so that the "Harley" for the stunt team were a real gift from the heart.

One of the workers involved in the construction of scenery, Reeves decided to establish a prize for Christmas, knowing that that problem. So the man got an unexpected gift - 20 thousand dollars, as later told his friend on Reddit. The rest of the actors just love to buy all working on the set lunch and always tried to meet with everyone with whom he worked, and always remembering names. Money is, in his own words, for it is not important. The star of "The Matrix" believes that he has more than enough "for the next couple of centuries." Given the joke about the fact that Keanu vampire immortal, or at least may he expressed literally.

2. Keanu and bezdomnyy

The main event for posterity documented by paparazzi. The story is simple: in 1997, Keanu spent the morning with the homeless in Hollywood. The actor was walking, I saw a homeless man and decided to sit down and talk to him about life, and along with breakfast and have a drink together. History shattered captioned "Keanu refers to the homeless as an equal." The case really exceptional for their kindness. Before indignant, they say, would be better if he bought an apartment, think about it: few of us ever really helped or just to communicate with the homeless without any neglect. This approach - the best illustration of the theory of small deeds: change does not start with broad gestures and a humane attitude to each other.

3. Keanu and other zvёzdy

When it comes to work, usually two stories emerge about how Keanu refused to part of the fee in order to be able to invite more expensive and steep actors to work on the tape. We will not take into account that it can be, there is not the most prominent of his films, this approach shows a responsible and conscientious attitude to work. The "stand-ins" Reeves agreed to a significant reduction in the fee - 90% to be able to call Oscar Gene Hackman. A similar thing happened in the planning of "devil's advocate." Reeves was ready to give up part of their earnings in the amount of several million, but there was an opportunity to call in the Al Pacino film, why he undoubtedly won.

4. Keanu and sestra

Reeves, to put it mildly, not very lucky for life. At thirty-three he hit trouble. When there was a meme "sad Keanu", everyone remembered that the actor was not just a difficult childhood: his best friend River Phoenix died of an overdose, and the girl was killed in a car crash Reeves shortly after they lost a child. It seems that the actor was able to get out of all this hell only because of his altruism: the more he lost, the more gave.

When his sister was ill with leukemia, he moved to live with her, and has invested more than $ 5 million in a study of the disease in the hope of a potential cure. Reeves donated the money to the hospital where she was treated, to contribute to the study of a terrible disease. In moments of exacerbations he postponed the shooting and devoted all his time taking care of his sister, the last to a friend, who had stayed. Reeves also started his own fund for the fight against cancer.

5. Keanu and Metro

Despite the wacky headline "Good or asshole?", Everything is as simple as possible. Keanu saw a woman with a heavy bag and asked if she wanted to sit down. She agreed - so that the actor gave her place. Separately, we note that Reeves did not scruple to use public transport, and so well done, and the black man, crouched in the neighborhood, there is clearly nothing to do with.

6. Keanu and crazy fanaty

Like any movie star, Reeves is regularly confronted with his band is not very healthy admirers. For example, to his house several times climbed stalkers. On one of those visits, he solved the problem without resorting to shouting or radical measures: a desperate reassured fans, just to talk to her, and only then called the police to report the incident. Another woman with whom Keanu never met, said he cranked the trick quite in the spirit of "American Horror Story", dressed in her husband to conceive with her four children. Scandal, obviously, was not followed. Instead of senseless bickering Reeves chose the most simple way out - has agreed to deliver a genetic test to verify paternity. As expected, no surprises happened, and the trial initiated by the woman immediately come to naught, as the requirement of alimony to three million dollars.

7. Keanu and "Ode to Happiness"

Despite his misfortunes, Keanu loves yoga and trying to maintain a positive outlook on life. Together with artist Alexandra Grant in 2011 he released "Ode to Happiness." "Ode" is a "picture book for adults", consisting of poems Reeves. The actor initially wrote it as a joke for friends, inspired by his friend Jamie, loving the most sad music. Each page is devoted to a single line, above which is a simple illustration made with ink. Pictures deliberately look like their tears washed away, but the end of the book life-affirming - all these lines about "shampoo disappointment" and "a hot bath sorrow" is actually written with irony to the Eater own grief. "Always be even worse," - he recalls the actor, for which many thanks to him.

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