Adventure sad Keanu Reeves

The story began in June 2010 when a photographer saw sad Keanu Reeves sitting on a bench and eat a sandwich.
Look at it was sad.
Soon there was a 3D figurine carved from numerous Keanu fotozhab.
Thus were born the adventures sad Keanu Reeves.

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1. The author of this blog has created a photographic project, has flown all over the world.

2. The light is not reflected by Keanu - as if he has no place in these photos.

3. "I thought I would like a sad Keanu - says photographer Alexis C. Madrigal. - Maybe a sandwich? So I decided to take him to the store ».

4. The light is constantly lit it at odd angles.

5. Maybe he would like to make your own sandwich? I put it on the head cheese.

6. But he was not interested.

7. It seems to prefer ready-made sandwiches.

8. The Department of fruit he tried grapefruit.

9. But it more like a melon.

10. But nothing could cheer up a sad Keanu.

11. I do not retreat. I took him to play basketball.

12. And even took the hill.

13. Gave him a ride on a metal horse.

14. Listen to the plate.

15. But he continued to grieve.

16. Maybe he needed a friend? Another sad Keanu? I put him on the copier.

17. The clerk told me that you can not leave the lid open, but I was afraid to crush Keanu cover, so we just shut down all unnecessary.

18. Create a copy does not work.

19. Therefore, if he so chose to be alone, I decided to let it be in nature.

20. Smell the roses, Keanu.

21. Admire the world of plants.

22. hang out among the green garlic.

23. The color is beautiful.

24. Climb up a tree.

25. Smell mint.

26. Cabbage is delicious when her cook.

27. Then I turned to the culture. Maybe read, Keanu?

28. Or maybe you prefer eastern religion?

29. Before you liked the piano!

30. Or, do painting?

31. Pat the cat - it really helps.

32. But it is still sad.

33. It was so sad.

34. Sooooo sad.

35. Just did not want to get out of bed.

36. The sad Keanu need a girl - I decided. I brought him the profiles of different girls, but he did not care.

37. I tried to get him to go on a blind date. He turned away from the computer.

38. I put it in front of the sign "Fun", hoping that this somehow helps.

39. He was even sadder. So sad that he had found a box and sat there, sad, among dandelions.

40. Then I briefly lost sad Keanu, but very quickly found. He met someone and was happy.



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