24 facts about Keanu Reeves


1. Hawaiian name Keanu means "cool breeze over the mountains».

2. Keanu's father, Samuel Reeves Noulin, half-Hawaiian, half-Chinese and his mother, Patrick, an Englishwoman.

3. Keanu never reads mail their fans, t. To. does not want to bear responsibility for the fact that there may be written. Furthermore, he prefers to spend the time it would take him to read such letters, with their loved ones. He has repeatedly said this in the interview.

4. As a child, Keanu and his sister Kim was dicleksiya (speech impairment, inability to read), which many consider the reason for its closure.


5. We Keanu never had their own computer. If he has yet to communicate with the computer - he is playing chess. Keanu has repeatedly claimed that he was more interested in the relationship of man and the computer rather than the computer itself as such.

6. Keanu afraid to have children, because this world it is often frightening. However, he believes that he is able to fall in love to the point when it will not care what's waiting for you ahead.

7. The actor played the bass guitar in the band «Dogstar». In 2002, Keanu joined his fellow «Dogstar» Rob Meylhauzu new band «Becky».

8. From childhood is interested in hockey, as well as can not imagine your life without a motorcycle, three of them from Keanu.

9. After the filming of "Point Break" actor became interested in surfing, and after taking part in the film "Much Ado About Nothing" Keanu loved horseback riding.


10. Keanu - left-handed.

11. Reeves has three sisters: Kim Reeves (b. 1966, Beirut, Lebanon), Karina Miller (b. 1976, Toronto, Canada) and Emma Rose Reeves (b. 1980, Hawaii). Kim Reeves - actress, also bred horses.

12. January 31, 2005 Keanu Reeves received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

13. In rejecting lucrative offer to play in the continuation of the "velocity" (rumored he was offered $ 11 million), Reeves chose to star in the movie "The Devil's Advocate" with Al Pacino and Charlize Theron; Reeves has agreed to pay for the understatement of own attraction to the film Al Pacino, the same thing he did in "stand-ins" for the participation of Gene Hackman.

14. In 1994 Keanu rejects offer to play in the film "Real" with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, as a result of the role went Velu Kilmer.


15. Reeves screen debut occurred in 1979 in the Canadian television. In the early 1980s, he appeared in commercials (including advertising Co * a-Cola) and short films in Toronto. His first role in a studio film - hockey goalie Rob Lowe in the film "Young Blood" (1985).

16. Keanu took public service announcement about the use of a seat belt, so Keanu tried to save at least someone, if not able to save girlfriend Jennifer Syme.

17. In 2001, Reeves' girlfriend 29-year-old Jennifer Syme died in a car accident; her jeep crashed into three parked cars on the streets of Los Angeles. Keanu buried girlfriend at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles near the grave of their stillborn daughter.

18. have had an affair with Reeves, Jennifer Syme, assistant director David Lynch's girlfriend and sister Keanu, Karina. Jan. 8, 2000 they had a daughter born, he was going to call Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. But a week before the birth the doctor stopped to hear the heartbeat of the child; Ultrasound showed that the girl had died in the womb, cause of death was a blood clot in the umbilical cord.

19. Keanu has a Canadian and British citizenship.


20. In five years, Reeves attended four high schools, including a school of acting craft from which he was expelled; his acting career he started in 15 years, taking part in stage productions at a local club.

21. After leaving the Catholic High School for Boys, where he played hockey, he enrolled at the public school, combining study and work of the actor. Later, he dropped out of school without receiving a diploma from the high school.

22. in the school hockey team, shortstop awarded Keanu nickname «The Wall» (Wall), because he was a first-class goalkeeper; future actor worked in the pastry shop, sharpened skates and admitted MVP (Most Valued Player - Most Valuable Player) in his school hockey team.

23. When Reeves first appeared in Hollywood, his agent thought that the name of the actor is too exotic, so in the early films he sometimes appeared in the credits under the names KS Reeves, Norman Chuck Reeves or AIDS. < br />
24. Replaced Val Kilmer in the role of "Johnny Mnemonic," because he preferred the role of Batman in "Batman Forever».

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