Keanu Reeves held a birthday party in New York

September 2 Keanu Reeves celebrates birthday - it was in New York, where the actor and the halls of the paparazzi. No tears at the sight will not look: some curbstone, cupcakes with candles and passers-by. Although, in all honesty, is not all bad: Keanu in once, looks great! Without a beard, trim and hands-on time "Point Break"! Again there was a rumor that Reeves is in talks to participate in the continuation of the franchise "The Adventures of Bill and Ted", where he was the first big movie role. Talking about this partner on the film Reeves Alex Winter. According to him, the guys are now thinking on the script with Ed Solomon, who wrote "Bill and Ted". If something worthwhile will come up - the movie to be. Maybe Keanu just preparing?

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