As a variety of family life

 - Chased evening walk!
 - Nah! I have a romantic date night with my husband.
 - Wow, what a date?
 - If short XD =) evening felt sad that did not go anywhere for a long time, we live like owls. Max everything "Well project will finish, well here vacation soon." Okay, where to go. He went into the bedroom sleep, and I work on in the hall sat at the computer at midnight, then lay on the couch, reading. Already asleep, she decided to move to the bed. Took the pillow, which was lying.
The lights are off, and in the pitch darkness crept to Max. Figachit cushion on his seat, whipping her fist and feel that under his fist and pillows - the head of Max! Oo He woke up in horror, moos, I shocked myself on top with a pillow over his face standing & gt; & lt;
In general, the midnight comforted him and justifies midnight he reassured me that it is not so easy zakramputsat.
In the morning, wake up - Max at work in the kitchen colors! Happy phoned and invited to a restaurant XDDD
I think I understand how to diversify life in the eleventh year of marriage


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