Results of the day 04/17/2014

: So, what brought us the day today:

1) 3 dead separatists 13 wounded and 60 captured in Mariupol

2) 5 million cache in the bags couriers apprehended in the train from the Crimea ehavshem Donbass

3) 1 green man, handed over to the authorities of $ 10K

4) mass rallies in Donetsk and Kramatorsk For United Ukraine and against the invasion of Russia

5) communication with servants by solntselikogo Putin, during which we learned how NATO strangles Dima Kiseleva, Lukyanenko may again publish a book on Iraq, there is a problem, the Crimean green men originally belonged to Russia, and half of the territory of Ukraine - is a kind of New Russia, donated Bolsheviks (at this point would give a rat botoksnoy lyascha, but alas, it is unrealistic)

6) The Verkhovna Rada has created an independent public television and public radio

7) briefs, passed yesterday by Kramatorsk weapons and Slavic in exchange nepoymi on that article and get court battalion so-called "Landing Forces" of the Dnieper, which cranked it a disgrace to be disbanded

8) fighters in Mariupol, to defend a military unit, will receive 500 thousand UAH Prize

9) canceled plans to tax inspectors, which means more trips to the requisitions are not legal

10) for separatism and grabs goszdany now given from 5-8 years to life, depending on the circumstances and the presence / absence of the victims

11) The European Parliament voted in favor of the right of Ukraine after the association to apply for membership of the EU as a full-fledged country

12) Bulgaria disassembled pipe South Stream and the European Parliament voted in favor of the elimination of the draft program and minimize the consumption of Russian gas

13) The border with Russia and the Crimea will be carefully monitored for entry into Ukraine males 16 to 60 years with unclear intentions

14) Pavel Durov admitted that he refused to give details on the FSB members, administrators and community moderator VKontakte dedicated Evromaydanu, for which he paid his share in the company and his position.

What other good news I missed? Can add Glory to Ukraine and to those who are not a shame in general.


15) there is a criminal case SBU / General Prosecutor at Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine for the financing of terrorism and separatism

16) is the third criminal case for separatism Oleg Tsarev - PGO

17) is the Geneva resolution on which the Russian Foreign Ministry chews you know that instead of "federalization"


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