Educational program on the importance of the Crimea to Russia

Looking through the PL, I sometimes find it in the comments or not intentional, but the distortion in the statements with regards to the issue of Crimea. Agree, not rare cries of "Why does Russia need the Crimea?" "And so on holiday went without a visa," "us that their land is not enough?", "Who will feed the Crimea now?", Etc.

For a long time I looked at it a disgrace, but brushed off the idea to write something about this. It seems like it's not my business, I myself am a Belarusian and my business just next door ... as you can see, did not last long and now I write. In defense I will say that I myself am a citizen of the USSR, the country though plundered and trampled, but everyone remembers where its boundaries are.
As a lover of history (especially military) of the country, I have some knowledge, which I hasten to share with all stakeholders.

3 photos + video.

So let's understand in order. Why so much blood spilled during these though quite extensive, but generally rather poor and mostly desert territory? And I'm not just talking about the Russian blood, because in recent years the western analysts fashionable to question the mental capacity of national leaders and commanders, to question the feasibility of almost all the military campaigns in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Finland and so on. So, back to the question Why do the Turks, the British, French so it was necessary to knock out Russian Crimea, well, or at least Sevastopol? The answer to this question is very simple, if you look at a map of the Black Sea. For a more convincing look at a satellite map:

So, imagine yourself in the place of Admiral. Close the palm of Crimea and imagine where you would be convenient to place the Black Sea Fleet? And what is necessary in order to accommodate the fleet?
Good base - is:
1. Sufficient depth is desirable to the shore (Eliminates the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov. It is no longer because of the Kerch Strait. Bottleneck, which is easy to override)
2. Convenient access roads (Eliminates Sochi and everything east Geledzhika because the ridge closes the bay from the continent.
3. Availability of the bay, which would be able to hide from the weather and enemy (Eliminates Anapa and everything west)
And what remains? It remains to Novorossiysk. In addition, you can not put all your eggs in one basket, it interferes with another fact: the wind. Bay wide open towards the north-east wind, which in the winter months creates with serious storm. And if the whole, modern ships is not such a problem, imagine what would happen in a fight with a damaged or defective, or just standing on the repair ship.
All of the "charm" of this bay have learned the hard way the Soviet sailors during World War II.

And now look at the Crimea. Sevastopol bay as if specially designed to build a port there. Skerries is ideal for the construction of submarine bases.
In addition to its convenient location in the countryside, these bases are in the middle of all the Black Sea, virtually in its geographical center. Also noteworthy is the fact that Sevastopol was taken even though the enemy, but was taken from the land rather than the sea.
Yes, despite the surrender of Sevastopol, the Black Sea Fleet continued to dominate the Black Sea, but only God knows what forces and the blood it cost. We should not forget about naval bases in the Caucasus, which are currently owned by Georgia.



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