Kiev almost blocked the water in Crimea

Crimean authorities: Kiev three times reduced the volume of water supply in the North-Crimean channel.

Kiev three times reduced the volume of water supply to the Crimea in the North-Crimean channel, told reporters the first vice-premier of the Crimean Republic Rustam Temirgaliev reports Kryminform.
According to him, at a rate of 50 cubic meters per second at the moment the delivery is about 16 cubic meters per second, "and it was only thanks to the fact that we found a solution, thanks to which Kiev can not block the water."

Who ordered to cut off the water supply?
Temirgaliev Rustam said that, according to him, the direct order to cut off the water supply to the peninsula gave the "so-called deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Senchenko." "He was behind in order to try to cut off the channels of water supply. In this regard, we have a small problem arose, in particular, in agriculture Saki region, because the first ground vegetables today require special watering "- said Temirgaliev. He added that the Crimean authorities are now removed this problem by finding resources for irrigation.
Minimum requirements of the Crimea in the water provided by local sources, the expert said
"In Kiev all these officials need to seriously think about what they are doing, blocking the water in the North-Crimean channel. Such actions, to put it mildly, puzzling. I think everything will fall into place, and these people will sooner or later be held accountable for such criminal orders they were given, in particular, the Committee on Water Management of Ukraine ", - said the first deputy prime minister of Crimea.
This Temirgaliev rejected claims illegitimate Kiev authorities for non-payment for water supply Simferopol. He said that the Crimea in accordance with the requirements of Ukraine on Saturday handed over to the Kherson region the necessary documents for the contract for the supply of water. "At the same time we said that we are ready to pay the price, which will be called inadequate Kiev officials. But then (they) found some formal grounds - supposedly we have not handed over the papers, "- said the Crimean officials.
Ways to solve the problem

Medvedev promised to provide residents of the Crimea freshwater
The Russian government is considering various ways to ensure the Crimean freshwater. According to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, to solve the problem "may be due to the construction of the aqueduct from the territory of Kuban (" Kuban water & quot;), the creation of reservoirs on the Taman Peninsula, the development of the underground fresh water in Dzhankojsky and Nizhegorskom area & quot ;. There is the option of building a plant for desalination of sea water & quot ;, - have Medvedev.
The Russian prime minister said that water is one of the key problems in the housing sector of the Crimea, as the peninsula is dependent in that regard from an external source - North Crimean channel. The canal was built in 1960-1970 years, its depreciation is 80%. This deterioration of the water supply system on the peninsula is more than 60%, as a result of water loss can be nearly 50%.




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