Few other "horror stories" of campaigns ...

Tell me a story, too, from a campaign that already many years does not give me rest. Once we went camping with the class for a few nights camped in a forest clearing and set up tents, cooked dinner, after which, as usual, telling scary stories up until the rebound. It so happened that at that landmark night I stayed in a tent one and therefore hastened rather go to sleep, that was not so bad. He climbed into a sleeping bag, buttoned up to their eyes and lay listening to the sounds of the night. Then lightning in my tent unbuttoned and appeared on the verge of two girls, explaining that they had to sleep in a tent crowded and, they say, can you and I go to sleep. I, of course, allowed and now we lie in a tent three. The girls giggle quietly, talking among themselves, and I'm lying in a sleeping bag and, in the eyes shuttered. So it would lie, but one of the girls said she was cold and asked me to climb to get warm. And I did, it should be noted, was very green, not terribly hardened in such matters. Well climbed, clung to me and is something girlfriend says my hand pulled over, they say, put your arms around, but it is not warming and continue to lie. Then he says, it's hot, it is necessary to remove the tights, I got out, and shot back to me to cuddle. So, actually, in the end and fell asleep! Until now I afford it I just can not! And every time since the forest think, remember with horror.
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