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US called the EU's plans to establish a network of anti-spyware "unfair»

US officials have criticized the intention of the EU to create a regional communications system. One of its stated goals - counter espionage by the United States for e-mail and phone calls in the EU countries. Washington, in turn, said that it would be a violation of trade laws.


The Office of the US Trade Representative called "draconian" measures proposed by the European Union to create its unified communications system, according to the English site of RT. In the department also said that the work in this area, US companies whose assets are estimated at $ 8 trillion, will cause a financial blow to Brussels, if he would support the initiative.

"The recent proposal of the EU to create an internal electronic network in Europe (it was called" Schengen cloud ") or create a sub-national electronic networks could potentially lead to the exclusion of, or discrimination against foreign companies, suppliers who directly work with network services and depend on them," - noted in the annual report of management.

Recall that the revelations made by a former employee of the National Security Agency US Edward Snowden on the extent of espionage by the United States, forced the European countries, especially Germany and France, to reflect on their own electronic security. However, this will not be easy to achieve.

Last month, the popular German publication Der Spiegel asks a question, "Is it time to start a formal investigation into espionage," referring to the information that the British Center for Government Communications followed the German Internet companies, and the NSA the United States to collect data on Chancellor Germany's Angela Merkel.

USTR also ready to resist proposals made by the German company Deutsche Telekom (30% owned by the government of the country) about the fact that the need to avoid the transmission of data via the United States. In the United States believe that this step will create for European companies more favorable terms than for the US.

"US Trade Representative Office will follow the fate of these proposals," - warned in Washington.

For the implementation of the plans of the EU may need to terminate the agreement between the European Union and the United States, which gives the United States access to EU data. US telecommunications and Internet companies are now lobbying in Washington offer to reduce fears of European countries over the spying, and thereby prevent protectionism in Europe in this field.



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