Wedding day three dozen

10 th day of the 10th month of the 10th year - these figures caused an unprecedented stir among lovers worldwide. In many countries, the influx of newlyweds even surpassed the days of "three nines", "three eights" and "three sevens." In South Korea, the day of the Mass celebrated in the history of international wedding. 7200 pairs - lovers from different countries - were married in the Unification Church in Seoul. The ceremony was held the founder of the church - 90-year-old Sun Myung Moon. Standing on the podium with his wife, he said oration, the pair exchanged rings, and then about an hour praying, holding hands. Participants of the mass wedding believe that such a marriage ceremony strengthens peace on the planet. The first such event took place 50 years ago. Then it was attended by a total of 24 pairs.


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