Cooking recipe basturma

This post basturma lovers, now you can cook it
and enjoy yummy. Photo captions - the author's words.

This is the second basturma over the past summer. First after a thorough study of the subject made on this recipe. It turned out pretty good, but ... overdone. Therefore, the recipe has made adjustments to my taste. However, minor - mostly about the time salting.

For basturma was a piece of beef tenderloin - I cut it in half lengthwise, because large pieces of meat prosalivat and then kept in herbs difficult.

For pickling took a large sea salt - the bigger, the better, gradually dissolved salt in the meat juice evenly penetrate inside. In salt added two teaspoons of sugar, mixed, roll the meat on all sides and stand aside half a day at room temperature, covered with gauze from flying insects.

Then put the pan with the meat in the refrigerator 12 hours turned and gave about the same lie in the resulting brine.


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