How to cook fried ice cream

Chinese cuisine is an abundance of culinary paradoxes and unusual. One such exotic dishes is fried ice cream, which ever tasted people there are in China, as well as guests of Chinese restaurants.
How can cook fried ice cream? How to perform this culinary focus? How to make friends ice and fire? Now we are going to reveal the secrets of Chinese cuisine.

Most of the tricks is elementary explanation. No exception and Chinese fried ice cream recipe is very simple. As props for culinary trick will be performing:

• ice cream;
• coconut;
• 3 eggs;
• breadcrumbs.

To start configure the freezer to the lowest temperature. Target freeze ice cream as much as possible, practically to the stone state. Before you get ice cream from the freezer prepare batter: coconut, whipped eggs and biscuits.

We get ice cream and cut into portions.

Quickly paniruem our almost Chinese ice cream: the first layer - coconut, the second - to omit the egg, the third - breading. It should look like the picture:

Add up all the scoops of ice cream to a chilled plate and send back in the freezer for deep freezing. About half an hour perform the last step - fry fried ice cream. Heat the sunflower oil and refined it omit portions of ice cream from the freezer. Do it very quickly fry quite a bit - 20 seconds on each side.


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