Tips to help you improve your life

An excellent collection of tips and useful advice that will help you become healthier, happier and calmer.

Laugh for five minutes every morning.

Everyone knows that laughter person charges energy and improves mood, moreover, according to the researchers, it can still become a personal trainer for the whole organism.

Every day write a new thought or idea.

Keep searching and you may find gold. And when you have found immediate action.

To read one new book every week.

Sounds utopian? To cope with this challenge, it is necessary to master speed reading.

Board and card games: it is necessary that the brain has always worked.

Solve puzzles, crossword puzzles, play online poker for an hour a day to your brain was constantly on our toes.

Keep a diary.

Sometimes, just describing your last day, you will notice what did not notice before. Besides, this way you can save your memories as much as possible, as well as to analyze their decisions and actions.

Carefully choose the friends.

Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. They say that we represent the average of the five people with whom we communicate more often. Do you want to get better - take a look at their surroundings and tear off unnecessary communication rasstantes with random people, communication with which pulls down more than inspiring.

See more documentaries, but not art.

How much time we spend on empty? But documentaries - is not just entertainment, a pastime, but also an opportunity to broaden my horizons.

Remember to brush your teeth thread is even more important than brushing.

It is an axiom - you really can not maintain long-term health of the oral cavity without the use of dental floss (floss).

Learn a foreign language.

Nowadays, knowledge of a foreign language - is not just a figure of education and intellectual development. It is a vital necessity.

Stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Focus on your health as well as you focus on love or career. Avoid junk food, smoking and other bad habits.

Forget about fear - it is for the weak.

Fears are at all, and everyone deals with their fears in his own way, depending on the psychological condition and maturity. Very immature person go to extremes and choke your own alcohol, drugs, shopping and eating, mature, and find solutions to overcome your fear.

Accumulate funds.

Begin to postpone 10% of their income and invest these funds in stocks or real estate. After five years, you will be surprised how much you have saved.

Give yourself a break.

At least one day a week, forget the computer, TV, and work. Just relax. And the technique, too.

Correspondence with himself.

Write yourself a letter that is open only five years. And do not forget to ask yourself some questions in this letter.

Love accomplishes miracles.

Fall in love! Thoughtlessly abandon. Let it possess a strong sense of your brand and help to make a better place.

Explore the world around you.

Every day, go to a new place, even if it's just a new district in your city or a new toilet in the mall.

Silence - gold.

Try to keep quiet during the one minute. At this time, pay attention to what thoughts come to your mind, and what emotions you take possession. After a minute of silence, immediately write down everything. Believe me, it helps to understand yourself.


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