Policeman humanity

Often, we have formed a stereotype that profession, nationality or party affiliation (caste, community), imposes on man a certain shade. It is often said that the officials - bureaucrats, cops - takers, artists - mediocrity ... well, you know.
It happened in one of the weekdays, I was driving on the inner ring Sadovaya. Well, how I was driving ?! It was ...
On other days, I flew this segment for 5-7 minutes and 2 hours today and I must say - the end of the plug to be seen. And Poh, you can stand to continue, but suddenly I heard a rumbling in my stomach and I felt strong pressure!
-I Fashioned! - Was made in the brain ... and I felt every cell of the body, that the idea is not without truth!
There Sadovaya island between the inner and outer ring, zanyrnuv that is not interfering or anyone, I decided to stay and wait for the ring to stop on red, and I topnu on Krasnoproletarskaya dolechu to home- and then walk a few floors, and here it is a porcelain-savior! !! ))
-KNOCK KNOCK!!! - My dreams of a happy relief, interrupted by an insistent knock on the glass striped stick.
I opened the window:
 - To listen to you? !!!
-Hello, Lieutenant Takoyto! You have violated traffic rules, crossed the solid line, the documents ?!
 - Seconds ... .- dig in the armrest, pull out documents and then I covers the second wave ... inside the volcano explodes! I blush with tension, but to cope with a stretch of law and vehicle inspection certificate.
 - Why are you so brazenly in front of us break?! - Educational utters Lieutenant ...
 - Honestly? Right now I'm just obosrus! you know ?! Comrade Commander! Two hours later I stand-see for yourself! So fine that is made out where there raspisyvatsya- just can not get out!

-Take! - He handed me a document with imperturbable calm and stares into my eyes glittering with exploding from the pressure of the capillaries!
In disbelief I take the docks and begin to put them in the insurance, turn on your lap and put them in the armrest.
The next moment, look up at the lieutenant, who is not new either.
Ahead hear the whistle, I turn my head in the course of its movement and see how the commander stops the flow on the outer ring and shows me his hand:
-I ??? - That you tell me ????
-Proezzhay! - He even sharper waves ...
I budge to slip, turning - looking at the back with a raised traffic cop with a rod in his hand behind him an army such as n- and ordinary motorists do not believe it ...
-Here Chelovechische !!! - I thought all the way.
Mutual aid is rare in the communication on the road, and even more so with the authorities. And here…. ))
Good luck on the road! Try to keep the fuel tank was full, and your tank is empty!)))



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