Chief Ryazan policeman imposed a tribute

In just a few months, Colonel Alexander Alfosov "earned" a few tens of millions of rubles [Video].
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01.Korruptsionnaya scheme in Ryazan STSI

 - Good morning, Comrade Colonel! What have you got the money round, straight banker, not a policeman?

With these words, in the office of the chief of the Ryazan regional traffic police officers burst into Alexander Alfosova own safety the Russian Interior Ministry. The footage shot operative oil painting: Colonel collapsed on a small sofa in the lounge at the office. His subordinate, the chief of a department, puts the bag out of the ordinary plump stack of currency. Colonel jumps up, runs towards the door. His catch up, throw up their hands ...

This video has hit the Internet (merged some of the hottest "fans" Alfosova) and Ryazan drivers forums jokes that are about to see it again and again. No blockbusters no substitute cherished staff: Head of traffic police caught red-handed! Mol, chief traffic cop ruined by greed.

 - The head of the regional STSI extorted bribes - this is important, what he is suspected - explain the driver's "love" the investigators. - Currently Alfosovu charged with attempted bribe of 500 thousand rubles.

You say - surprise, they say. Here in the framework of a large-scale fight against corruption in the traffic police of criminal cases - packs every day. But this story - unique. There, in the Ryazan GAI Alfosov and company came up with a scheme sverhnagluyu honest obtaining money by imposing a tribute to their own police, and through them - the whole region, that even gasped battered takers. And, presumably, is not half earned Ryazan bribe-takers. Much, much more.

02. As long as Alexander Alfosova accused only "in an attempt to obtain a bribe."

Now the regional traffic police all behave as if nothing had happened: running around in the hallways, take visitors. Nervousness manifests itself only when they begin to ask questions. In a conversation agree units - and then whisper, appointing a meeting place in the small cafe on the outskirts of the city. People fear: what if, chief released - and they work with it. However, I think, is not the only reason. Who wants to reveal their little secrets of professional?

 - Leaders of the regional STSI urged his subordinates to give employees "beautiful rooms", as well as a driver's license for the money - investigators say. - Do people have a choice: to give - and to be fired, to agree - and to get support for the service.

Too me the news! It's like when the old chief was not the same. And not only in Ryazan - nationwide trade "nice" numbers, sell rights inspections. So what I am so done Alfosov that it took to fight, and so hate all together in the area?

He was appointed in September 2011. The commander of the 2nd DPS special regiment of the Moscow region, Colonel Alexander Alfosova barely entered the office, crying, as befits the capital's authorities promised:
 - Experience in gosavtoinspekii I have more than 20 years! I think the staff to cope with the tasks. Wherever I am the head of the atonement, eyeing three months. In the Ryazan region, I will introduce the Moscow methods of work.

And it has introduced! His "genius" Alfosov debugged the system for a few days. Even three months did not take! And in Ryazan we learned what - "Moscow methods».

 - We were just told that we have to bring money, - says one of the employees of the regional traffic police. Incognito, of course. - Plans are standard: "nice" numbers, vehicle inspection, driving schools. In all - their own fee.

No, I took it always, you are, perhaps, never been paid? But how was it? Someone finds itself alone, for exam success, and even then, if they have not been able to pass on the third try, it really looked like as a reward. And now it has become a must-see destination. Free pass inspection was impossible! Someone from our rypnutsya attempted, but the authorities had promised to dismiss without further ado. And the people fell silent - because any bribe to the traffic police to catch possible!

03.Valeriya Wyszynski was detained in the Stavropol region.



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