Predictor named exact date of the death of Pugacheva, Kirkorov and other Galkina

Technique "issuing" the sorrowful date is quite simple: just think of the prophet, or a man picks up his picture. But sometimes, he predicted, and a piece of paper: "I wrote on a piece of paper the name and the person's name, how old it looks like. I have read, represent and make predictions ... »

It is worth noting that the unique Ryazan can not be removed from its forecast of financial benefits, according In life he currently earns by selling in the local market nails and plumbing tools.

When the owner will come to the correspondent of news agency "Russian Reporter" with a bundle of photographs of celebrities, fortune began with Philip Kirkorov.

"I think that something will happen to him after a couple of years. A terrible date for it - July 11, 2006. Of course, I understand that you it's shocking - he won a young, he is going to be good, - he told. - But first, we are all in God's hands, and no one from accidental death is immune. And secondly, this is my feeling. If I make a mistake, in fact, I will only be happy .... As for Alla Pugacheva, Philip's ex-wife, she would survive. I think she's going to die in the autumn of 2024. To be more precise - OCTOBER 4 ».

Then came in the diviners have passion, touching photographs. He gave no comment same date of death of the other.

"Larisa Dolina - August 14, 2029, Valery Meladze - Feb. 8, 2031, Sergei Cords - 22 April 2009, Andrei Makarevich - April 4, 2038, Andrei Gubin - December 19, 2046, Lev Leshchenko - January 1 2019, Vakhtang Kikabidze - Mar 16, 2009, Leonid Agutin - August 26, 2044, Jan Churikov - November 17, 2051 ».

"But this young man is my concern - showed Ryazan phenomenon on the photo and Maxim Galkin. - I like the way he conducts the transfer, but I'm afraid with him in 2007 on 13 August, something happens. Without live and singer Valeria - for it would be a fatal June 30, 2009 ».

Upon learning of a grant at a terrible predictor frightened.

"I was just walking down the street, and as soon as I see a man in the head, as if an inner voice saying," That was then die. " I was terrified. And yet ... I was at St Michael's meat processing plant worked. And I summoned the head of the shop - accountable for truancy. I was standing in his office, he demands an explanation, and my head is spinning, "September 21!" And it was tomorrow's number. ... The next day I came to work and lobby for passing saw his portrait in a mourning frame. He suffered a heart attack during the night, he died. I thought then, first, that it is I jinxed it. But then he began to realize that I can not influence the future. I can not save people from death, change the date. I can only call the numbers. "


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