The sensational discovery proved the possibility of time travel!

According to calculations of Amos Ori, in the case of giving a curved space-time structure of the funnel shaped rings or an opportunity to travel back in time. At the same time with each new revolution in the concentric structure of the person will be farther into the interior uglublintsya time.

However, to create suitable for such travel time machine needed gigantic gravitational forces. They exist, presumably, near objects such as black holes. For the first time we are talking about black holes in the 18th century. Scientist Pierre Simon Laplace, suggested the existence of invisible celestial bodies, in which gravity is so high that none of the light beam from these bodies is not reflected. Ray to be reflected from such outer body, to overcome the speed of light. Only in the 20th century, scientists have found that it is impossible to overcome the speed of light.

The boundary of a black hole is called the "event horizon." Any object that reaches it is absorbed into the depths of a black hole, the outside can not see what's going on "inside".

Presumably, the laws of physics in the depths of a black hole cease to have effect, and the spatial and temporal coordinates, roughly speaking, are reversed, and the journey through space becomes time travel.

However, despite the importance of calculations Ori dream of temporary movement is too early. Scientist admits that his mathematical model is that it is impossible to put into practice technically.

At the same time, the scientist stressed that the process of technology development so rapid that no one can tell what possibilities the mankind will have in a few decades.

In general, the possibility of time travel was predicted by the general theory of relativity, Albert Einstein. According to the scientist, the body with a large mass bend space-time, and time is moving at sub-light speed of the object is slowing down. So, for us, some of the particles flying in space will last for thousands of years, but for the particles themselves it will take only a few minutes.

The distortion of space-time cause gravity: body near massive bodies move around them along curved paths. The curved line of space-time can become isolated and moving along it, the object will inevitably meet with yourself from the past.

The idea of ​​time travel excites people's minds for a long time. On this subject, it is written a lot of science fiction. But still not known whether it is possible implementation of time travel in practice, or is it just a theoretical possibility.

As yet no one has proved that time travel is not possible (in this case there were even theoretical study the possibility of moving in time), the potential chance that someday people will be able to go back and see the future still remain.


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