Popontovatsya and waking. Russia began secretly to the terms of the United States to resolve the crisis in Ukraine

Barely finished the last talks in Paris Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry on the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, the Russian leadership has given a number of orders that match the conditions that Washington has offered Moscow to resolve the situation in Ukraine. Russia has declared its readiness to recognize the legitimacy of the election of the Ukrainian president and co-operate with the new leadership of the neighboring country. RF also expressed a desire to include in the mission to Ukraine and its experts continued withdrawal of its troops from the Russian-Ukrainian border.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has not directly say that Moscow recognize the legitimacy of the upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine, but it is called the specific conditions under which the Russian side would take their legal, RIA "Novosti". "We expect that the conditions for the elections will be created," - said Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin. According to him, the legitimacy of the presidential elections in Ukraine will depend on a number of conditions, including - "transparency, fairness, consideration of the interests of the regions." "Depends on this and legitimacy," - said Karasin ... According to Karasin, Russia is ready to cooperate with the Ukrainian leadership, which will be formed in a democratic way (probably talking about the stage after the election of the Ukrainian president in May 2014), ITAR -TASS.

Moreover, most likely, Moscow began the condition of Washington, according to which the territory of Ukraine, including the Crimea, should act the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. According to Deputy Foreign Minister, Russia suggested that the OSCE mission to Ukraine of its experts. "All agreed that the mission should be given a chance in its structure, we proposed its experts" - said Karasin.

Meanwhile officially confirmed the information that the number of Armed Forces in the Russian-Ukrainian border is gradually declining. Sources in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that the Russian withdrawal of troops from the border with Ukraine, which coincides exactly with the latest requirements of the US ... Vladimir Putin has notified German Chancellor Angela Merkel, that he gave the corresponding order.

Previously, the number of military RF near a neighboring state was estimated Ukrainian experts in 40 thousand people. When this was reported to reduce the number of Russian soldiers about four times. Currently the Ukrainian side does not undertake to say the exact number of remaining at the border of the military, and also believes that the reduction in their numbers may be due to the rotation of troops, rather than softening the positions of Russia ...

It is worth recalling that during the negotiations with the Russian Federation the American side has put forward four conditions for success in overcoming the crisis in Ukraine. US insists on withdrawal of Russian troops away from the Ukrainian border. Also in the White House believe that help "create a climate for negotiations" should result in a direct dialogue between Moscow and Kiev. If you have any problems with this, the US is ready to discuss the issue of international mediation in the bilateral dialogue. Washington also made for the fact that the Ukrainian territory acted OSCE mission, including in the Crimea. Finally, the United States asked Russia to recognize in advance the upcoming elections of the Ukrainian president as legitimate.

< That is, Putin delivered an ultimatum to Obama in full. Because among the requirements of the West return Crimea is not listed, then it is the only thing that he can write yourself into an asset. Well, to save face continues to encourage cattle in the south and east of Ukraine, but the rebels in the militant slogan joining Russia imperceptibly changed academic talk about federalism.


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