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Promotion of a product through advertising - it is very effective and long-used method. But you can not so much to sink to the promotion of the product and make such stupid mistakes. I propose to look at advertising punctures.

I wonder how much her hands?

Hand of the Addams Family?

And where her leg?

She is 10 years went to a corset?

Where are her fingers?

Where is African American?

A reflection in the monitor is quite another.

Interesting her body proportions :)

Nothing strange she did not notice?

And what happened to the leg?

Whose there is an extra hand?

Unhappy bedside :)

Which of them is closer to the camera?

What happened to her forehead?

Text T-shirts stamped right on hand.

That's paws))

This is what I think?

Where are the legs footballer?

That she had with the heel ??

Source: www.odditycentral.com


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