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AVTOISTORIYA This story was so bright that the creator of "The Godfather" Coppola praised her in the movie "Tucker. Man and His Dream, "and" ordinary Americans "will remain forever in the memory of the legend of Robin Hood, challenging the" big three ».

1948. USA. Tucker Co. presented to the public the serial "car of tomorrow": zadnemotornyh "sedan" with a revolutionary design and aerodynamics, 6-cylinder boxer engine and a host of new products from seat belts to disc brakes.

The car made a splash, and the state could not remain deaf to the call of progress. "According to numerous requests of workers" ... the US authorities gave Tucker tried and de facto bankrupt companies.

Preston Thomas Tucker (Preston Thomas Tucker, 1903-1956) was a professional engineer, but his career has turned out to be an entrepreneur is firmly associated with one of the most advanced areas avtoinzhiniringa - races. In the 30's, including the optional Ford, sports cars he built for the famous race at Indianapolis. "Race" Biography defined brand characteristics "toys" Tucker: impulsiveness, novelty, originality.

Funny, but even a prototype combat vehicle developed by him and his team, was rejected by the army as "too fast».

However, romantic and innovator by nature, and he got invaluable experience in such "mundane" industries like avtodiling and promotion, which was the base of his future projects. Immediately after the war he began to implement his most cherished dream "car of the future." Tucker's idea was simple: the car of tomorrow - today.

Returning from the war, America longed for new products. All are tired of the swollen fat remnants of 30th. It was a trend that Tucker figured out and made a car for him. Many believe that it was he who discovered the real avtomarketing.

A great promoter, he came upon the idea in simple terms - and they believed. Potential buyers had stopped his letters advocating for the future of cars. Lacking capital, Tucker began collecting with the world on a string, releasing stocks for future consumers. The concept of "automotive revolution" received a total advertising, and the number of shareholders has exceeded 40 thousand. (Among them was the father of Coppola - is dramatic stories of childhood and spodvig director of the film). Grip dealership Tucker allowed to organize a huge dealer network "under the emptiness»

The car still did not really exist, and fifteen hundred dealers were ready to sell to him to anybody. It was a sensation.
Technically Tucker'48 (or Tucker Torpedo) was a breakthrough for serial cars, but more in the car than was so proud of Tucker, was far from a novelty: for example, the aerodynamics, the engine behind and "third spotlight" can be found in the Tatra 30s. The real revolution was to ensure the safety of passengers, and it really was a problem: Soviet historians loved to reproach States that those lost to 40th in car accidents more people than the entire second World War. Tucker suggested Americans belts, visibility, safety glass.

Notable innovations had fuel injection and disc brakes. But above all, the car "did" design. Squat and impulsiveness "Torpedo", which is easily recognizable style of the 50s, sent out into the future. No wonder: it is a designer "Torpedo" Tremulis Alexander (Alexander Tremulis, 1914-1991), author of the beautiful Cord 812 1936, working on the basis of the US Air Force made the first sketches of "flying saucers." He created the concept of the prototype shuttle, ship, which starts like a rocket and landing like an airplane.
Released rapid machine length of 5, 56 meters, with a maximum speed of 190 km / h with acceleration to "hundreds" for 10 seconds. Its price was $ 2450, which was much higher than the project ($ 1000), but in the 40's is a car still was like a dream.
The money was collected, the car tested, the plant is ready. It seemed that success was predetermined, but alas: the idea Tucker had already laid its collapse. US auto business system to achieve phase shift patterns and representation of customer innovation, enabling shake of the man in the street for a maximum of attachments, to depreciate investments in production lines, design and development activities

Breakthrough Tucker meant the end of the system, and no one is going to admit.
Another circumstance - in Tucker's ideas had nothing exclusive Harley Earl of GM has already prepared its new style Aerodesign - Cadillac 62. Everyone knew that ahead of the new era, and the question was only who will break the bank. Tucker is not "died" himself, and the "big three" had to resort to state. No wonder one of the American ministers, who came to power in GM, once thrown, "What's good for General Motors, is good for America,» ...

Tucker managed to release 51 car (one of them subsequently Coppola bought for $ 260 thousand.). Unlikely to wonder how a businessman strangling Securities & Exchange Commission (Financial Police USA)

As a rule, the project really bright, like venture Tucker, always financial gamble, and it was enough for his attention to detail that has gone all to pieces.

Tucker held back the onslaught of nearly a year: the commission checks spies - all in the best houses. In a desperate letter to the press in the summer of 1948, Tucker had promised to name the enemy by name. The finale was predictable: a ban on trade, financial collapse, the departure to Brazil, where Tucker tried to begin to build sports cars. But it did not work out.

In fact, the history of the automotive industry - the history of the struggle of business owners faceless machines and bright single: inventors, innovators and other urban crazy. At first there will be everything a success, a bank account and position. At last - a bright flash of life, emotions, and sometimes recognition. They are also rewarded ... likely posthumously. Which is better - you decide. But the "Icarus" of the automotive industry are not translated: in the DeLorean and Tucker followed founders of Avanti. Their adventures somehow sympathy with the Americans, and we Tucker at the trial became the anthem of the local self-made. Probably not all that good for the "Big Three" is good for America. Unless, of course, it's a free country ...


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