Shish kebab in his kitchen

Consider two options for barbecue in his kitchen.
The first way would be - cooking in a pan, the second - in the oven.

Author: For the kebabs in the pan, I prefer the thick edge of the rib pork or white sheep - how would you like, and call. The ribs from the meat with a thin layer and to the side. We shall cut pieces of meat. On the edges, do not forget, because they are normally useful to us, too :-))

The pieces add up in a bowl and mix them with salt and coarse pepper. Nothing else is necessary.

Even so the meat will lie down, absorbs salt and coarsely ground pepper flavor. Pepper of the mill really fragrant. Put the meat on skewers and engage roasting kebabs.

Mound directly on board a little flour and roll skewers with meat on all sides.

Put the pan on the fire with a small amount of vegetable oil: Oil must be at least on the bottom. Our future does not need a kebab oil bath, and need the oil film and the heat pans.


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