Shish kebab in his kitchen

Consider two options for barbecue in his kitchen.
The first way would be - cooking in a pan, the second - in the oven.

Author: For the kebabs in the pan, I prefer the thick edge of the rib pork or white sheep - how would you like, and call. The ribs from the meat with a thin layer and to the side. We shall cut pieces of meat. On the edges, do not forget, because they are normally useful to us, too :-))

The pieces add up in a bowl and mix them with salt and coarse pepper. Nothing else is necessary.

Even so the meat will lie down, absorbs salt and coarsely ground pepper flavor. Pepper of the mill really fragrant. Put the meat on skewers and engage roasting kebabs.

Mound directly on board a little flour and roll skewers with meat on all sides.

Put the pan on the fire with a small amount of vegetable oil: Oil must be at least on the bottom. Our future does not need a kebab oil bath, and need the oil film and the heat pans.

Once the oil is hot, we shake flour with shpazhek and send them in a frying pan :-)) and fry on one side.

Fire on one side, turn over the skewers and fry the other side.

And here it is now starting full tsimus focus :-)) barbecue in the pan. Once both sides of the fire, we turn off the fire and cover the pan deep cup. This is to ensure that as much as possible rational use efficiency pans and cups on top. Under the cup will not steam, a heat that will give the effect or tandoor barbecue if you want. In general, three to five minutes kebab keep under cover. If you look closely, you'll notice that on the right, between the pan and the lid, I left a small crack. This is done to excess steam, and if it appears-out.

Then remove the lid and remove the skewers - on a plate. Add some onion rings and beans sweet-sour pomegranate.

Now ... about the shashlik in the oven. In this type of barbecue, you need a special meat. Such meat cattle bit, for example, a pig meat is in the form of two strips of kidney and weighing no more than 1, 5 - 2, 0 kg. It is not cheap, and not all of it is given. Basmachi give him anytime, anywhere and in any quantity :-)) This time, I took more than 2, 5 kg.

Take one strip and cutting board chop it into pieces.

Right there on the board, salt and pepper pepper coarse.

We put immediately on skewers.

And we send our skewers in a preheated 200 degree oven, pre-bed sheet of foil on a baking sheet, which is below, and substitute. The oven only include the top.

Three minutes - five roast shish kebab on one side and then the other. This kind of meat should not be up to brown crust, because it juicy and tender sirloin. Once cooked - remove the dish and also add onion rings and grenades.

Here skewer of beef in the context of ... Look at the pink and juicy cuts of meat.

And in the meantime, is fried skewers in the oven, let us ribs. Well, who does not want to chew ribs, do I tell? :-))

Ribs also roll in flour and went to the pan.

Everything we do as described in the case of a shish kebab in a pan and finished ribs to remove the dish.

Just to add to the ribs onion rings, but instead of pomegranate seeds, Obol of pomegranate syrup. There is a seasoning for meat and fish. :-))



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