8 the most common superstitions

Have you ever thought about how an important role in our lives play a superstition? It all starts from childhood when black cats seem real devil incarnate, we constantly run across the road, and a neighbor with an empty bucket automatically becomes a witch, a meeting which does not bode well.

Why can not you do anything on Friday the 13th?

The belief in a horrible day, Friday 13th allegedly emerged from the loose interpretation of the Old Testament. Supposedly this day Cain killed his brother Abel. Over time, this legend has acquired a huge amount of speculation, making the figure 13 in a terrible sign of the troubles and misfortunes. For example, in the Last Supper we counted 13 participants, and the betrayal of Judas was first mentioned in the 13th chapter of the Gospel.

Over time, the fear of 13 has only worsened. For example, Franklin Roosevelt never traveled on the 13th, some hospitals do not have the 13 th Chamber, and in some hotels the 13th floor. And in a family where there are thirteen children, one of them will grow up a criminal.

Why can not transmit anything over the threshold?

Say, well, do not you know people who never say hello, and especially not transmit anything over the threshold? What do you think, from this strange superstition come from?

The thing is that in ancient times the ashes of their ancestors kept under the threshold of the house, and to disturb them, passing anything through the door, it was considered extremely dangerous. That is why one can not sit on the threshold, which is still considered to be the boundary between two worlds - a safe house and a hostile world, or of worse - the world of the living and the world of the dead.

Why not go back to the halfway?

This superstition is also related to a threshold and that its function boundaries between worlds. Unable to reach the target, the man returns home weakened, and it is on the threshold of the border, it can wait for anything - from unnecessary anxiety offended spirits of ancestors, to entities that wanted to seep into our world. To counteract failures, to draw back, leaving again, is worth a look in the mirror, capable of doubling the strength and energy of the person.

Why not give the clock?

This belief has come to us from China, where it is considered as if to get a gift is akin to the invitation to watch the funeral. We have the same perception that donated the clock will count down the period of friendship with the man, and then take the time to rest his life. In addition, the clock are sharp objects that, together with the stitching, to give is not recommended to avoid quarrels and mutual resentment.

To counteract the ravages of hours, you need to ask them for a coin - then it will be assumed that you do not watch presented and sold.

Why not celebrate forty years?

Forty years - only an anniversary, but decided to celebrate, especially for men. At the heart of this tradition is the concept of communication numeral "forty" with death.

Presumably, this is due to the fact that back in the Kievan Rus was made "to verify the dead" on the imperishable, and in the XVII century period, upon which the relics of incorruptibility, was set at 40 days. Therefore, the number "forty" directly associated with funerals. Especially since it is "in tune" with the memorial, the fortieth day after the death, and indeed, in all religions it is considered fatal.

Accordingly, one who celebrates the fortieth anniversary - does not show proper respect to any dead, nor to his death, and thus incurs the disease, failure, and even death.


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