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Says the author: First impressions of the opening of the boxes: And as the Spanish ensigns are not confused about them? The fact that the Spanish army has its own view of the acquisition of dry rations.
Unlike our PRI and French RCIR, where in one package collected food for three meals, or from the American MRE where all packages are designed for one meal and skomplektovat equally, Racion Individual de Combate is designed so that at each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is their rations with its own set of products.
I turned rations for breakfast and lunch. Both soldering packaged in the same green plastic bags, and consist of a carton with contents. The only difference is that catches your eye is the weight.
Rations for lunch harder, less obvious are the actual dimensions (lunch are more) and the dim lettering on the package. But compare themselves:


17 x 11 x 7 cm, packed in a green bag completely hides its size.


15 x 10 x 6 cm, packed in a green bag completely hides its size.

But apparently the Spaniards know something that allows them to avoid confusion in their own rations. On the front side of the package marked flag Spain, coat of arms of the armed forces, the name of soldering, its type (the inscription is duplicated in English and French), the address of the manufacturer, the expiration date and the inscription: NATO APPROVED. The box is made of a dense but thin cardboard khaki, unprinted.

The contents of the boxes has put me in an even greater cultural shock. The only thing they have in common (apart from the standard set of auxiliary items, the same for both boxes) is the uniformity of design content. All packages are designed in a uniform color scheme, all the green, though slightly different shades. In all the inscriptions marked with the emblem of the armed forces, and the inscriptions are made in the same style. It features in common, and the difference between the contents of the two boxes is very large. But in order.

Directly on himself invited Breakfast:
2 bags of coffee

1 tube with condensed milk
1 bar of milk chocolate


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