Packed Lunches Spanish Army

Says the author: First impressions of the opening of the boxes: And as the Spanish ensigns are not confused about them? The fact that the Spanish army has its own view of the acquisition of dry rations.
Unlike our PRI and French RCIR, where in one package collected food for three meals, or from the American MRE where all packages are designed for one meal and skomplektovat equally, Racion Individual de Combate is designed so that at each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is their rations with its own set of products.
I turned rations for breakfast and lunch. Both soldering packaged in the same green plastic bags, and consist of a carton with contents. The only difference is that catches your eye is the weight.
Rations for lunch harder, less obvious are the actual dimensions (lunch are more) and the dim lettering on the package. But compare themselves:


17 x 11 x 7 cm, packed in a green bag completely hides its size.


15 x 10 x 6 cm, packed in a green bag completely hides its size.

But apparently the Spaniards know something that allows them to avoid confusion in their own rations. On the front side of the package marked flag Spain, coat of arms of the armed forces, the name of soldering, its type (the inscription is duplicated in English and French), the address of the manufacturer, the expiration date and the inscription: NATO APPROVED. The box is made of a dense but thin cardboard khaki, unprinted.

The contents of the boxes has put me in an even greater cultural shock. The only thing they have in common (apart from the standard set of auxiliary items, the same for both boxes) is the uniformity of design content. All packages are designed in a uniform color scheme, all the green, though slightly different shades. In all the inscriptions marked with the emblem of the armed forces, and the inscriptions are made in the same style. It features in common, and the difference between the contents of the two boxes is very large. But in order.

Directly on himself invited Breakfast:
2 bags of coffee

1 tube with condensed milk
1 bar of milk chocolate

Chocolate and condensed milk on the photo

1 packet of porridge noodles separate photos there :-(

1 pack of biscuits (the inscription on the packaging: Galetas dulces, a man who does not know the language Marquez misleading, this is not the biscuits and biscuits)

For more convenient use in enclosed box as follows:
2 water purification tablets (how to use and did not understand, by the way is not the fact that they work better than our IRPeshnyh filters)
2 tablets dry fuel
1 trivet (iron thicker than the PRI, which makes it more convenient trivet)
1 pack of matches (20 pieces)

1 tablet to the purpose which I never understood. Apparently this tablet allows you to adjust the salt balance of the body vodosolyanoy in hot climates.

1 chewing gum in the form of a tablet, with a horrible taste disinfection

1 toothbrush (do not lie, it is a toothbrush, foldable)
1 sachet of toothpaste

1 bag with liquid hand sanitizer

1 instructions for use in three languages ​​(Spanish, English, French)

Does this set of products make sense? In my opinion, yes. If you delve into the wilds of modern nutrition, it would appear that such acquisition of dry rations for lunch justified. In the morning, after sleeping, the body needs to quickly saturate and give him energy, and nothing better to consume it as fast carbohydrates (sugar) is not. Apparently it came to this position and those who developed the ration. But a closer examination and comparison of facts says that this approach is somewhat one-sided, because in the end you must not nurture an athlete, and saturate the fighter who must be fed during the execution of their mission. And here begins my mind to get out error. For example, porridge is too little, but too much coffee, no sugar separately in sachets, pills all about the same size and feel it is difficult to determine what you take into your hands. Chocolate melts in the heat, and condensed milk on the go, though convenient to eat in the warm countries, but in our climate already is fraught with lip stick to the metal tube :-) But I honestly judge.

If you take on the taste, I can say that Racion Individual de Combate pleasantly surprised. The coffee is delicious, though soluble, it is not golimoe Nescafe and KafePele familiar, somewhat watery condensed milk, but it is very similar to our Gostovskaya cookies delicious and not too sweet, the chocolate tastes like an expensive Swiss. But let us down porridge. Firstly it is small, even in the cereal packages that are sold in our stores, more than content in a bag for the Spanish soldiers. Second flavor. The fact that here it is the taste preferences of course, but I did not like it, but I do not like such cereals, have in them something that spoils the taste of the whole.

Lunch Lunch God sent "B" menu 4, whatever that meant:
1 package vegetable soup puree

1 can of beef stew with peas
Damn, and this photo was lost :-(

1 can of tuna in oil

1 can of fruit in syrup

1 can of pate

As the "accessories" we suggested:
2 water purification tablets
2 tablets to the purpose which I never understood. Apparently this tablet allows you to reduce salt vlagopoteryu body in a hot climate.
3 tablets dry fuel
2 tablets of energy (glucose and carnitine)

1 tablet of vitamin C

1 chewing gum in the form of a tablet, with a horrible taste disinfection
1 pack of matches (20 pieces)
1 trivet (iron thicker than the PRI, which makes it more convenient trivet)
1 bag with liquid hand sanitizer
1 instructions for use in three languages ​​(Spanish, English, French)

Where bread ask? Where is the one around the head? But I do not have it. And it puzzled me.
The PRI (army and FSINovskih) is in RCIR is, MRE is, Racion Individual de Combate not.
I thought it was something I threw customs, as it is this package has been unpacked and inspected, but the instruction is not the bread and then our customs here there is nothing.
So what's the deal? The only answer: enigmatic Spanish soul or the enigmatic Spanish nutritionist, I am inclined to the second version.
The fact is that if we follow the general trend in both rations that there is such a sense that it has developed an expert on sports nutrition, with those on nutrition for bodybuilders.
The almost complete lack of lunch carbohydrates, and those that have it fast carbs, the presence of Power tablets with L-carnitine, a very strong emphasis on products with a high content of proteins tell us about it.
Too me this approach is a sign of my bodybuilding, very similar diet, I had then.
But in order that it might be argued about exactly will have to scratch a few sets of rations with different menus.
So far, leave it as a working version, the more wrong to call such an approach, I would not, but for a long time to eat so if you are not going to conquer the podium in the competition, I would not recommend it.

If I was surprised by a set of products, the products themselves impressed with its taste and quality. Military department the Kingdom of Spain takes care of his soldiers, and no jokes cares.
First is the convenience package. All banks are equipped with rings to open, and can be opened in one motion.
Second is the quality of products. Stew, it was meat, the bank was not a trace of fat or lived, the content of which is allowed even in the GOST 5284-84.
This is evident when the meat is warmed up, the liquid as opposed to our usual products is not gelled, which suggests that in the preparation of the autoclave was not pieces of the carcass with a high content of collagen.
The meat is cut in neat slices, green peas slightly, apparently just for the taste.
To taste the stew as a stew with a slight taste of peas. Tuna unlike our drier consistency and more salty, but this is due to the fact that the oil in it very much.
The taste is pleasant, but even for me salty. Pate simply delightful, delicious (I was met only in the production of local meat-packing plant, with a small shelf life), and slightly tangy, to the extent we can say.
Fruits in syrup surprised, composition: pear, pineapple, peach, cherry, grape syrup ratio and the dry product: pieces of fruit were so many, they were tight, well, taste is very pleasing. But disappointed soup, green and tasteless, with a horrible taste of grass.
All this, in the absence of an authentic bread, seized our homespun rifled baguette.

Incidentally completely forgotten - in a box lunch there is nothing to prepare the beverage. Nothing at all. That way, too, suggests nutritionist.
But instead of a drink is offered to eat a pill energy. To taste it is similar to our glucose tablets with greater acidity.
By the way, you can not be afraid to eat it if it gets to you.
Its composition is harmless or even useful, carnitine is a regulator of fat in the body fat because it decomposes rapidly on carbohydrates, which provides the necessary strength, it also reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

The result? Well I summarize.
The bottom line is we have quite a tasty and convenient lunches, with quality content. In taste it in my opinion, slightly higher than the PRI.
But to fill in my opinion the Spaniards lose.
Such a sharp division of the lunch and breakfast well in greenhouse conditions in peacetime, in extreme conditions, this approach is somewhat controversial.
Because in the end you do not need to prepare a bodybuilder for the performance, and to saturate the soldier so that he could carry out its primary task.
It should be noted that I have used both of rations under greenhouse conditions, and at home, and I was hungry. Will there be enough food in this extreme situation can not say, as the information on the energy value is not found.

Pros: Very tasty, high-quality products. Trivet more convenient than the PRI. Having more sweet. The presence of power. Many solfetok. The normal match.

Cons: The division of rations for a few meals in different packages. The lack of bread or a substitute normal. Small volume products. The lack of spoons.



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