The strangest superstitions from around the world

Superstition is so firmly in our lives that many probably do not even notice how looking for something wooden to knock three times, or refuse to pass the salt at the table. Most interesting is that every culture has its own unique superstitions and prejudices, from the Middle Ages. Therefore, some superstitions seem to be really crazy, especially for people who did not grow up in a country where the locals literally soaked with mother's milk.

So we offer a selection of the most crazy superstitions from around the world.

Do not lift a glass of water for the health

In Germany, there is a belief that if someone in the company of friends will support toast with a glass of water, he wants the death of all those present. Pretty scary, is not it? However, we think that this is another way to get his friend to join the company of drinkers. Nobody do not want everyone thought it a homicidal maniac.

Fortunately plunge into a pile of dog feces

Itself the result of stepping on dog walks not palatable for everyone. But in France, it is believed that if you're in a heap of excrement and left foot, it fortunately. But if God forbid you get to the right foot, all in vain - it's a bad sign.

When you can go in the shower?

In India, the superstitious people follow the schedule, if they wish, for example, to wash. Since it considered a bad omen, if you washed the head or hair cut on a Thursday or Saturday. And if you want to mow nails, make sure he's not Tuesday or Sunday, as it is also a bad sign. Oh, and do not do it in the evening. Try to make your toilet before sunset.

To carry a newborn baby on a crust of cheese

The origin of this superstition belongs to the distant Middle Ages. In those days, pregnant women were doing the so-called "groaning cheese" at the beginning of the period. During the first nine months of cheese ripening, growing up a child. When the time came to give birth, the whole family gathered and eaten "groaning cheese", leaving only the upper crust. Through this cake child sneaking on the day of baptism, which promised a long and happy life.

Friday, 17th

On extremely unfortunate day, Friday, the 13th, already know, probably all. It is believed that superstition came from the fact that at the last supper of Jesus present 13 students. However, in Italy it is afraid of Friday the 17th. That's because the Roman numeral 17 (XVII) can be converted into a Latin word VIXI, which means "my life is over».

Hide thumbs passing by the cemetery

The Japanese believe that if you do not hide the thumbs up during a walk through the cemetery, you will not be able to say goodbye to his parents on their deathbed. Oddly enough, is not it? Perhaps the point is that the Japanese word "thumb" is literally translated as "finger parent».

Eat grapes at midnight

In Spain, it made exactly to eat 12 grapes at midnight, thus providing themselves with happiness and prosperity to all the following 12 months of next year. The origin of the superstition takes on the beliefs, according to which 12 grapes protect against witches and evil forces.

Do not chew the cud evening

In Turkey have sharply condemned if they see chewing gum in the evening, after dinner, for example. Turks believe that if you chew gum with the coming of darkness, it means that you actually chew the flesh of the dead. Perhaps, after this I do not want to chew gum during the day.

You can not sit on a pillow

Sometimes pillow for more comfort is necessary, but in Malaysia it is not necessary to do so, because there believe that you will bring to his soft spot acne and other skin troubles. Although, maybe it's just a precaution, so that you can safely put your head on the pillow, without thinking about who and how to place it sat.

Do not step on a crack

All the children who grew up in North America, know that in any case can not step on the cracks in the asphalt. This superstition is accompanied by a eerie saying about the fact that if you step on a crack, then something will happen to your mother's back (in the original «Do not step on a crack, or you'll break your mother's back»).

Avoid numbers four

In China and Japan four is often associated with death. The roots of the origin of the superstition drawn from Chinese, since the characters for the word "death" and "four", are very similar in pronunciation. Superstition is so common that in hospital elevators you will not see the button with the number four.

The fan or air conditioner you kill

In South Korea believe that if you go to sleep and leave the fan to operate in a closed room, it will kill you. This can be avoided only by opening the window. In Japan, by the way, there is a similar superstition - many believe that if you do not turn off the air conditioning at night, it will lead to the disease. Although this can not be called strange superstition, it is quite reasonable.


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