Omens and superstitions online casinos: a note for the novice player

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Players in the casino as offline and in online mode, the people are quite superstitious, and accustomed to rely on signs. Many people quite sincerely believe that there are ways to appease a higher power and to force the wheel to rotate in the desired direction. Uninitiated such blind faith in superstitions might seem absurd, but the players themselves believe that superstition will help to obtain the coveted prize. Oddly enough, some really lucky. And unknown, whose merit is more: the mathematical laws of amulets or following signs.

The magic of the game
Many gamblers – their signs, sometimes unusual. Consider the most common.

The happy figures
They have virtually every player. Usually, these numbers are not abstract, but having for a person of some importance: date of birth (own, wife or child), age, or just a "lucky" number. Some fans of roulette have their "lucky" bet, which, they believe, must necessarily lead to success. Remember, though, watching Ryazanov movie "these Old broads". As they say, "Tale of a lie, but...". By the way, Pushkin was a passionate player.

Good game
Some people do not try to try your luck on different slots, but prefer only those games in which they are lucky. For example, of the many card games they prefer poker or blackjack, a huge number of slots choose only the 5-reel.

This is one of the most popular mascots. If the player is lucky in some clothes, he'll wear it before sitting behind the monitor. As for colors, the most "lucky" is red. Why mistress fortune to taste this color is unknown.

The lucky charms are astonishingly diverse. For example, we Scots have this image of the flower of the Thistle, the English the – foot of a hare or rabbit. Moreover, the rear and be sure the left. In the gambling houses of Russia happy was considered a 50-ruble banknote with the image of St. Petersburg the Strelka. The most original were the Indians. Them in the game helps dried rat's paw, above which read the spell.

Superstition for online casinos
  • Do not use the word "free". It is able to scare off good luck. Lady Fortuna it's why you don't like it.
  • Owning a personal talisman to attract success.
  • Pay attention to the clothes in which you sit behind the computer. Can, really, to wear something red.
  • Keep the Desk and keyboard. Scattered and stuck between the keys of crumbs will make your win... Well, tiny.
  • Bad news for fans of social networks: put a visit to Facebook or "Classmates", as it can cause failure.

If it's true — hard to judge. However, carrying out magical rituals and the use of talismans gives more confidence.


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