Weapons Soviet child

What was in the arsenal of the Soviet child?
The most common weapon was, of course, a slingshot. It is hard to imagine a Soviet child who would not know what it is and did not shoot out of it. Who sparrows who bottles or cans, and some on the glass or street lamps.
Distribution slingshot received for simplicity of design, reliability, higher than the AK-47, range and accuracy of the battle, and, of course, stopping power. Properly made slingshot let a hundred meters with a metal nut to break a window or outdoor ceiling lighting.
As the bullets could be anything you like - nuts, ball bearing, smooth rounded stones or more sparing ammunition - peas, fruits of mountain ash, cherry stones ...

Rohatyn was taken from almost any tree, but the best we have considered a slingshot acacia. Rubber is also used from different sources - cycling chambers, medical tourniquet, belt from suits ...

Have been modified to slingshot paintball school voynushek at school variable was used small-caliber slingshot - wire frame and shock-return mechanism of gum-Hungarian. As the missiles used to bend the aluminum or copper wire. Often playing in the summer of the war, a large piece of aluminum wire just two or three times wrapped around the waist and, if necessary, could lie behind a tree and quickly change the shop mangled the necessary ammunition.

In this light, the slingshot was an option for schools, the teacher did not take the slingshot. As such, a slingshot and it was not - just on the index and middle finger worn gum with pre-tied loop. Removing weapons in case of danger, is a fraction of a second ...

More severe cases was slingshot crossbow. On board was fixed wooden clothespins, and fasten the other end of gum so as to get a "loop", which falls saddle just on the clothespin. When the required tension, of course. The noose was laid gum "bullet", gum stretched and clamped in a clothespin. By clicking on the clothespin occurred shot. They shot all the same rowan, peas, bell pepper or pellets.


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