Metrostroy - walk through the under construction metro line

Walk comrades from LJ victorprofessor`a and russos`a on metro line under construction from Strogino to Mitino.

We walked from the station Mitino station through Volokolamsk and Myakinino, metro bridge across the Moscow River to the station Strogino. The total length of the route is about 6 kilometers.

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So we arrived at the construction site in Mitino. Let's go to the south lobby of the station and go down.

Station Mitino. To the right is a wall installation of track, it will be held for the technical corridor.

Above the southern entrance still going plastering.

We leave for the tunnel in the direction of Volokolamsk.

Opened tunnel for sboyki.

Go ahead. Plenum with noise absorbing tunnels between columns.

Immediately behind them are two huge fan VOMD-24.

Then begins the plot was built with the help of the mobile formwork 90 years. In the footsteps of the walls can be traced to how much it is flooded. Incidentally, all building lighting in tunnels 36 volts, for reasons of safety.

Suddenly, quickly came to the station Volokolamskaya. Here, too, finishing works are completed.

The height of the arches is amazing.

Just behind the station once an opening portion. The right tunnel is not yet completed, that brought such electric rock to reach the surface.

And we go to the left side of the tunnel to the bridge over the river. Pipes lying to the right - to understand the ventilation system during the construction period. In working position they are hanging from the ceiling fan and the air is pumped through them from the tunnel to the surface.

Something brew. The air is saturated with smoke.

Portal haul Myakinino - Volokolamskaya. As you can see, there is only one tunnel is ready.

Almost unfinished metro bridge. There are very few.

It remains to establish the board and make dumping gravel for paving the way.

Initially, the bridge would make a completely closed, but you know, the crisis ... Despite the wide sidewalks, pedestrian traffic on the bridge will not be.

Crocus Expo exhibition center. Spassky left the bridge on the Moscow Ring Road.

Myakinino entrance to the station, view from the tunnel.

Myakinino station platform. The station is very cleverly integrated into the underground car park Crocus City, is actually located on the 1st floor of the parking.

Go ahead. Out of tunnels to the surface from the Strogino. One can see the conveyor on which the rock is lifted out of the tunnel.

If all the stations that we have already been placed very close to each other, then we will have come a long haul most. Underfoot portion partially prepared for pouring concrete track (not enough forms for gutter between the tracks).

The tunnel temperature is about 10 degrees and high humidity. As a result of condensation on the walls.

Diesel train.

The grid separating the individual sections of the tunnel in the early stages of construction.


Dismounting the camera in the parking Auchan and Leroy Merlin.

Almost there.

The dismantling and into the chamber located in the continuation of the station Strogino.

We rise to the surface. Plans to open a branch at the end of the 4th quarter of this year.



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