Half his life in a train - one day in the life of the underground

Metro everywhere the same - the stale air, the crowds hurrying to work or school people, noise, noise and a constant hassle. But affordable form of public transport - a kind of fee for the lack of a car or unwillingness to stand in traffic jams. Here, for example, one day in the life of the American Underground, delivering thousands of passengers every day to work in the nearby suburbs of Washington.

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1. The day begins in the suburbs without fanfare. At sunrise train preparing to go to work. In the picture one of them is on the Orange Line Station Addison Road-Seat Pleasant in Prince George's County, Maryland. (Linda Davidson)

2. The first train is still clean and almost empty, but at 7:30 on the platforms they meet the first passengers. (Linda Davidson)

3. About 750 000 people a day pass through this station escalators squeaky. 34-year-old underground transport system seems much older than his age. (Linda Davidson)

4. At the station «L'Enfant Plaza» people read, get a phone call or just waiting for a train, buried in their devices and looking fresh video jokes. (Linda Davidson)

5. Someone listens to the player who somehow manages to talk on the phone. Someone sleeps, someone is reading. Still swinging to the beat of the train. (Linda Davidson)

6. Train in the subway - as elsewhere in the United States on the one hand - to the city on the other side - from the city. On the red line in the train going to the city, passengers in neat suits - lawyers and other "intellectuals" - much more than just merchants and workers. (Linda Davidson)

7. In the morning rush hour heavy falls everyone who did not manage to take their seats. Sometimes it's hard to breathe when your nose rests against neighbor in the back. (Linda Davidson)

8. Despite the signs of delayed maintenance and gradual deterioration subway, people continue to use the underground transport - unless they have a choice? (Linda Davidson)

9. Dream - one of the favorite activities of the metro passengers. It is difficult to resist. (Linda Davidson)

10. In this system 86 subway stations that cover an area of ​​241 kilometers. Recently, we launched a program to build new branches in areas of Tysons Corner and Dulles International Airport. (Linda Davidson)

11. After the morning rush hour begins more or less quiet period. (Linda Davidson)

12. Dirty wall of the tunnel at the station Gelleri Place-Chinatown. At some stations far from the case of constant leaks, and cracks in the walls and the floor are growing weeds. (Linda Davidson)

13. She reads an ad on the subway to raise fares. (Linda Davidson)

14. a proposal to raise the price of travel in the subway happened after a 10-cent surcharge to the cost of travel by bus, which comes into effect on 28 February. In the photo 21-year-old Ray Pittman studying ads on the station Largo in Maryland. (Linda Davidson)

15. Passengers buy tickets at the main subway station. (Linda Davidson)

16. At the end of the day tired workers returning home, creating a second phase-peak hours. The trains are now dirty - all day accumulated rubbish. (Linda Davidson)

17. The extraordinary snowfall this year has affected the movement of trains, which cost the system of suburban trains of 18 million, including 8 million on snow removal and 9, 7 million of expenses due to the small number of passengers. (Linda Davidson)

18. The first passengers waiting for the train stop at the Orange branch in Virginia. (Linda Davidson)

19. Passengers train traveling on blue branch, arrived at the station Addison Road-Seat Pleasant. (Linda Davidson)

20. Dirty lights on stations Addison Road-Seat Pleasant. (Linda Davidson)



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