In Nizhny Novgorod subway tunnel

Underground adventure probably occupied most of the time in all my stay in Nizhny. I must say, photographed, alas, not so often, often due to lack of adequate coverage or capacity, but to go as many had to run, because the main thing - pastime. For example the same stage, I have visited twice. Both times, the tunnel was originally working lights. Overcoming nearly half the haul and coming both times to the right place, suddenly appeared on the horizon of the workers, and reduces the speed of the train, or even stopped to transfer some equipment or to land a couple of people. We also had to evacuate quickly that no one had any hassle ...
To tell the truth to these phenomena started to pay not so long ago. During the last trip to St. Petersburg, drew attention to a number of workers at ease, poking around in a suit the Switchboard box just 20 meters from the station.


1. Just by jumping off the bus, I rushed to the Metrostroy, which is just walking distance from Moskovsky railway station. This Metrostroy not associated with a line leading to the side of the station under construction Gorky. In the future it is planned to build a station Fair, which will be the logical form of the new line.

2. On the horizon in the pictures all right. The slope is arranged in connection with the sharp turn of the tunnel.

3. Type in the direction of Moscow. The tunnel is blocked by an iron gate, behind which begins the territory of the existing subway.

4. By the way, there will also be equipped by a future working a dead end in order to resolve the current situation with the movement of trains. Today the turnover goes directly to the station.

5. In this Metrostroy probably first appeared sboyki- sliding compartment. A good imitation of modern standards.

4. We continue our trip without sleep and rest. On the street gradually dawns ... Next comes the description in the review of history ... Quietly opened sboyka - we are literally 50 meters from the station, and that the most interesting - working lights in the tunnel. - Well, who knows what they have there? It may have simply forgotten? Spitting on this strange phenomenon began rapid rush. Intervals gradually became less ...


6. Shortly necessary sboyka was reached and I decided to take a breath. I very much want to run to cool the tunnel of the germ, which after 200 meters - flashed in my head ... But the passing train suddenly started to slow down and honk, then completely stopped. Tension is growing ... At such moments immediately begins tupnyak. How so? Where am I slashed? After all, like everything was ok ... I stood for half a minute, the train continued to move, and when he traveled from far sboyki silhouettes appeared in the vests. Were they salvific distance and could hardly see the dark silhouette in sboyka. But why take the risk? - I decided to evacuate.

6. On the same evening, I went to another place, and only came back here in the morning ... Nothing has changed - the light in the area. - Well, most likely, even after the search has not turned off (about 6 am). Having overcome all this distance just for one slot (max. Intervals at the bottom about 12 minutes), I sat down in the same composition sboyka miss ... then moved on.

7. Skipping to another sboyka train ... But then all of a sudden again. It reduces the speed of the train, passing the same area where yesterday there was a team of workers. Only he disappears behind the horizon, everything is repeated backwards. Several silhouettes in vests marking kakogo- near the locker. After a few shots, I bitterly spat and went to the back.

8. And now about the place where I was in the first day after an unexpected meeting. Several stops are inactive PTO with a large number of abandoned buildings. Photograph, one could only with clearance, so by making this picture, I set off to wander around the abandoned premises. In one of them a kind of varied recreation room or buffet - On the walls were old faded photographs of the city and nature, and was lying in the corner of the decorative (the one with the light bulb) homemade fireplace lined with plywood. Fatigue catches up with sleep - sleep in the bus really was not possible. Get comfortable, I slept ... I slept all mode, awakened cold. The World still not the best place for the night and day, although initially the room seemed quite warm.

9. I once again came in oborotnik and took another shot from a passing train. More nothing to do here. It's time to visit the stage, where yesterday was rabochka ...

9. After one suck, the next day went on the roofs and in the MCCP. Metrostroy first went to the top of the city, hoping to see the finished station, but met with only an empty pit and virgin tunnel, I saw the last time ...
Friends advised to try the famous shawarma at the Sormovo market. Since He was close, I decided zaglnut ... tastes delicious! - Just like in Odessa, on the coals

10. Enough to shoot mode, go to the next place ... Going down the shallow mine down in front of us there is a great germ. Quickly turning the lever, the door opens slowly and reluctantly ...


12. Long corridor silencer soon leads us to the next PTO, but this time dejsvie.




16. And lastly one more place. There I was last time - the camera congresses under a huge dome one. I do not cease to admire.

17. Attentive see a trace of a passing staff.

18. In ten meters from the station

19. After reaching the station, I did not pay attention to the scoreboard disabled, and the inclusion of rabochki for me was sudden. Just lost track of time ... you need to vozrvaschatsya mine.

20. But I did not leave in a hurry and decided to wait for the rail car ...

21. The closures. Directly under the grid is a tunnel.

22. Well, that's the first rail car ... It's time to exit ... Time to go home. END.



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