"Deffchonki" tourniquet on TNT

If you do not watch this video, you'll never know that Stolypin said Nicholas II, offering an agrarian reform. And if you miss the new comedy sitcom "Deffchonki" on TNT, you'll never know:
 • How to come to Moscow, did not arrive and stay
 • How to come to Moscow to pick a deputy and remain human
 • How to come to Moscow to become a waitress and rent an apartment on a tip
 • How to come to Moscow and getting fat salary secretary
 • Why can not I paint eyelashes with your mouth closed, what girls actually stockings and hair than women different from men hangover and a bunch of the same important things that you wanted to know about girls, but was afraid to ask.
 Therefore, do not be so, by whom was not Stolypin: April 9 turns on the TV at 20.30 and see "Deffchonok" on TNT!


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