Most cunning animals

I suggest you learn the top ten most clever and quirky animals, which under certain circumstances can give odds even a man ...

1. Cuckoo.

Kicking own eggs in the nests of others, cuckoo thus came up with a brilliant solution for the survival of offspring. In this case, the cuckoo chooses neighboring nests where eggs come to own both in size and in color. After the birth of cuckoo behaves quite adequately, as well as half-brothers and sisters. And the adoptive parents have to feed the foundling, even if it is ten times larger than the other chicks.

2. Orangutan.
Everyone knows that these animals have high levels of intelligence. They are able to create tools, use them to make difficult decisions milestone. The main problem for the zookeeper is the ability to open orangutans even the most cunning locks. But it can benefit: now all the locks and locks in zoos are pre-certification from the smartest primates.

3. Virginia opossum.
Home possum trick is the ability to play dead. It is so reliable it cranks that predators are trying to get around the carcass side. The thing is that in a stressful situation small creature falls, remains stationary and starts to stink like a real carrion. Such foods are unlikely to be interested in any predator.

4. Temple langurs.
These langurs of Hanuman, tend to live all over India about churches. Here they are sacred animals. His name they owe god Hanuman - brave, strong and cunning. Monkey, though peaceful, but all the time trying to pull something while they are getting away with, because they are sacred!

5. Fireflies.
Usually fireflies use their "luminous" ability to attract a mate. It is this ability and adopted some predators, they reproduce like shimmer to attract potential victim for dinner.

6. Alligator snapping turtle.
Among the tortoises there are predators, such as the loggerhead turtle. Hunting this animal uses its pink tongue that looks like a worm. Turtle just opens his mouth, tongue wiggles and waits until some stupid fish will fall for the bait.

7. Caterpillar.
To survive in the environment, nature has awarded some caterpillars abilities. Caterpillars often try to hide, take the form of surrounding objects, pretend to leaf, twig, stick, and even bird droppings. Others are trying to intimidate potential hunters bright colors or spikes. There are even some who use poison eat plants.

8. The Chameleons.
This animal has become famous for its amazing ability to change color. But a change of color is not only protection from enemies, chameleon skin is a kind way of communication. Chameleons, thus expressing anger, fear and scare off competitors.

9. Rat
They are having a lot of interesting properties. They are very smart, rats can prolazili even in the most inaccessible places, their run can reach speeds of 10 km / h, they gnaw everything that comes his way, thereby bringing great damage. So in America these rodents damage the wires 19 million. Dollars. However, their population is very ambitious - Only in New York their more than 70 million.

10. Fox.
In almost all folk tales and sayings presented as red fox cunning. An example of intelligence of these animals can be a work of South American foxes. Their favorite foods are eggs of large birds, such as the rhea. Fox bide its time until the nest will remain unattended, and then sneaks uvolakivaet prey. So rather large egg in his mouth to take not, Redhead cheat pushes his nose to the nearest stone, where the egg is broken, and the contents are drunk.



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