20 tips that you'll be delicious every day

Every girl wants to look perfect. Such is the nature of our women - we want everything to be perfect in every detail. But often, work, family and household chores take up so much time that the favorite it almost does not remain.
< Website wants to share with you great tips to make your life easier, save time and money, and help you to remain irresistible in any situation.

  • The essential oil of cinnamon give lip volume and make them brighter. The same effect will and peppermint oil. If you are not allergic to the oil, simply add a few drops of your balm or lip gloss.

    • Olive (and coconut) oil will help to remove resistant make-up, if there is no micellar water on hand.
    • Too thick foundation can be diluted with any moisturizer. And to make it darker, you can with a small amount of liquid bronzer.
      • If you want to give a person rested and fresh look, apply a little cream highlighter on the protruding part of the face (the back of the nose, the upper part of the cheekbones , chin, center of the forehead, lips tick) if apply highlighter to the area above the eyebrows and shade the side of the forehead - it visually lift the eyebrows and eyelids
      • to make the skin soft and radiant, mix a teaspoon of baking soda with. their gel for washing or cleansing milk. Apply on face, massage a few seconds and rinse with warm water. The procedure should be repeated two to three times a week.
      • If your favorite mascara beginning to dry out, it is possible to "revive" a few drops of saline or holding it for five minutes in hot water.
      • Crumble compact powder (as well as eye shadow and blush) can be repaired by adding into it a few drops of alcohol. Gently mix the powder with a knife until smooth, level, and leave until the morning. The next day the alcohol evaporates, and your powder will be as good as new.

        • If the nail polish does not open or thickened, hold the bottle in hot water, shake and run paint, varnish is not cool.
        • Replace the hair in a plait and sostrig all protruding hairs. So you can get rid of the split ends, if on a hike to the hairdresser times sorely lacking.
        • Instead of the gel for eyebrows can use hairspray. Drizzle it on an old brush of mascara and eyebrow comb.
        • Baby powder or starch perfectly replace dry shampoo when it is not at hand, and you need a quick refresh hair.
        • To create a vertical curls, swipe down from the top utjuzhkom twisted into a plait hair. Result fix varnish.
        • Classic cream Nivea in dark blue tin jar, applied to the ends of her hair before going to bed helps no worse than any expensive serum.
        • In order not to rub the corn in the new shoes, grease foot roll-on deodorant or friable powder.
        • Warm eyelash curlers hairdryer, a few seconds before using. With this much longer lashes remain curled.

          • Before you paint your nails, brush cuticles with petroleum jelly or glue PVA. So you can easily remove the nail from the skin around the nail.
          • To create a vertical curls, swipe down from the top utjuzhkom twisted into a plait hair. Result fix varnish.
          • Apply patch holes in the nail, covered with a base layer of lacquer and draw it with the color you want to make a point. Carefully remove the patch as soon as the paint is dry and you get a neat pattern.
          • Put a little ordinary Vaseline on the wrist before applying perfume and favorite flavor will stay with you throughout the day.
          • Collect the hair in two pigtails - one directly above the other. This simple trick will help to visually enlarge the volume and length of hair.
          • going to an important event, and popped a pimple on your face? Put a little vasoconstrictor eye drops on a piece of cotton wool, briefly put in the freezer and apply to problem areas. After 20 minutes, the redness and inflammation subside will be much less noticeable to the materials:. Awesomeinventions, lifehack
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