How to make a hairstyle in the style of the heroines of the Games of Thrones

For the fourth season of the acclaimed and almost legendary series "Game of Thrones" is in full swing, and millions of viewers all over the planet can not break away from this fairytale, fantasy, and sometimes frightening world. George Martin has created not only a delightful parallel reality to the dire wolf, dragon, fierce fighting, but also a parade of strong, self-confident and beautiful heroines, for which we are now seeing on the screen.

Every girl in this series - is another story, and we are fascinated everything - the character and the courage to dress and hairstyles. Speaking of hairstyles. If the strength of will necessary to bring up for years, and for tailoring of this elegant dress will take half of the salary, the hairstyles of the series is very easy to repeat. To help you - step by step illustrated instructions for creating curls, plaits and braids like one of the seven characters of the series.

Margery Tyrell

Margery Tyrell, future wife annoys many Joffrey is such a hair was walking in the royal gardens of flowering. Repeat it pretty simple:

1. Divide the hair parted in the middle, while stressing the two curl on the sides.

2. Do a normal beam at the back.

3. On each side, starting from the temples, we must tighten the three moderately tight harness, attach them to the beam by means of pins. Generously consolidate all varnish.

Daenerys Targaryen

Mother of dragons, Daenerys beautiful and mysterious, perhaps, the brightest girl in the whole epic "Game of Thrones." Brave warrior holds the fourth season on the field of battle, capturing the city and driving the army, and she, of course, not to the skilled curls and other intricacies. The crown of the hair of the heroine - cunningly devised and disheveled pigtails that we now just try again.

1. Make the rear horizontal parting somewhere at the level of the eyebrows.

2. The lower part of the hair until it touches, but the upper tail is to be divided into two equal parts and braid in braids, but not completely.

3. Putting the resulting braid one somewhere in the middle of the netting and fasten a rubber band.

4. Lower braids braided somewhere on the border of hair growth. Scourge two lower braids from different sides and safely fix them with lacquer.

5. Now all you need to spit into a single braid and properly secure them with hair spray. And before it is better to add a little hair and a slightly negligent dishevel - all the same hairstyle is a warrior, not some kind of delicate princess.

Catelyn Stark

Mother doomed house Starks - the most mature and restrained character stories. Therefore, her hairstyle to match - a modest but effective. For luxury in Winterfell not used that can be seen on simplicity and ease of the hairstyles Catelyn.

1. Divide the hair parted in the middle. With temples begin to make a tourniquet, picking up in the course of a new twist in the strands.

2. Fix the resulting volume harness and on the other side do the same. Continuation of both bundles plait in normal, not a tight braid. Fix the result obtained varnish.


Luxury savage though not living in the royal chambers, but it always looks great. What helped her, by the way, ohmurit one of the most promising and charismatic man of the series, the bastard Jon Snow (See above.). Hairstyle beautiful Igritt such that it can get done and to improve even in a fierce battle.

1. In the central part of the head weave two twisted braids (all movement as with ordinary weaving braids, not inward and outward) until about the middle of the head.

2. temples take a lock, curl into a tight harness and fix varnish. Then take a little dishevel harness and secure it invisible. Same do with the other side and fasten the bundles together.

3. Remove braids woven into one and the same fastening pins in the region of harnesses.

Cersei Lannister

A sample of elegance, royal dignity, oppression and cruelty from season to season is slowly moving out of love for alcohol and chic hairstyles to the usual disheveled hair. From one extreme to another, in general, therefore, I propose to bring the most neutral of all the images of Cersei. With such a convenient, and not boring, and you can walk quietly on a job, and at social gatherings.

1. Each side do the same harness 2: top - Normally, when two thin strands twisted together; in the manufacture of the lower strand of going around and all free.

2. All four harness need to connect and weave them into a single plait.


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