Book Review Spring 2014

Literature, the benefit is not in place, and pleases us every month something new. Forget the prejudice that modern literature is worthless and get ready for exciting encounters with new creatures King, detective Rowling, written under a pseudonym, a living classic of Russian literature Diane Rubin, stories of 2013 Nobel Prize winner Alice Monroe and many others ...

1. "Call of the Cuckoo" Robert Galbraith

Debut novel J. K. Rowling went under a new pseudonym translated into Russian as early as mid-February. However, such a large-scale literary event is hard to miss: the famous writer is struggling to get rid of the ghost of Harry Potter and fully start writing about something other than Hogwarts. And if it is the first attempt to "casual vacancy" is not so very successful, the classic English detective story in the best tradition of writers Albion has won the mass flattering epithets and bought up en masse in many countries.

To what is easy to talk about the human tendency to self-destruction, to what just push him into oblivion, and then step aside, shrug and accept that this was the inevitable outcome of the chaotic, catastrophic life.
2. Stephen King "Doctor Sleep»

Before we get enough of January "Land of joy," as appeared on the shelves of the continuation of the cult novel "The Shining", about which so fans dreamed of the king of terrors. Busy, it is the only sequel throughout extensive biography by Stephen King. I will not reveal the intrigue and try to retell the story, except to say only that it was - decent, very worthy successor, a match for the first book. And these books are considered to be the most terrible of all the debts of creativity King, and in the horror genre, he wrote, you know, not enough.

Everything in the world visibly or mnitsya me - a dream within a dream.
PS: and all fans of the cult writer should pay attention to the "Land of Happiness", a lovely book with a captivating cover.

3. "Too Much Happiness" Alice Monroe

Curious and this book, a collection of short stories by Nobel laureate for literature in 2013. The success of the Canadian writer, writing primarily for women, is simply amazing. It has already been called Russian Chekhov and do not get tired to admire her prose. Not surprisingly, the Russian version of the book carefully studied and our readers, who, alas, did not come to such conclusions rainbow.

How to tell many readers, stories mostly women, about the brave and courageous heroines who do not go with the flow and do things. Heroes depicted at turning points in their fate, perhaps the only thing that unites Alice with our great Chekhov. In general, stories about the fate of women is not such a novelty in the world literature, it is surprising that the main character of the Monroe central story made Sofya Kovalevskaya, great Russian mathematician.

4. "Revenge wears Prada» Lauren Weisberger

Continuation of the acclaimed bestseller "The Devil Wears Prada» was to be expected. So, it happened. In the new book, the main character of Andrea Sachs never learned the ability to fend for themselves, but now heads satin wedding fashion and even marry a prince on a white horse. But memories of the former boss did not leave the girl and her meeting with Miranda Priestly is quite logical continuation. Readers of the new book, however, argue that in the ten years syllable author is not very enriched and advised to rely on a good adaptation.

5. "Lament for drawing teacher who went" Maya Kucherskaya

Maya Kucherskaya book consists of different style and plot of the story written by her in the past 20 years. The main characters of the stories are not similar to each other - this is a drug addict, and a student, and the baby, and difficult teenager ... at least entertaining and the situations in which they find themselves. Not everyone is lucky enough to end up stories happy endings, however, to read them no less interesting.

6. "Russian canary. Zheltukhin "Dina Rubina

All that readers are so fond of practical living classic of Russian literature, it is embodied in the new trilogy - and with great panache. But we little breather from the "Handwriting Leonardo", the "White Dove of Cordoba" and "Petrushka Syndrome" because all bookshops scattered loud premiere of spring - the first two volumes of the trilogy ambitious and exciting as ever with vivid characters, adventures and without any framework.

7. "Ship of Brides" Jojo Moyes

The focus of this book - a small but intense dramatic episode of world history of the 20th century. It is interesting that this story is not invented and is based on real events in 1946, when 655 women traveled from Australia to Britain to be reunited with their husbands. The plausibility of the descriptions can be no doubt, as one of the passengers of the ship was the grandmother of the author.


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