The three most common summer injuries and first aid for these injuries

1. Bleeding
Harness you can adjust only the limb above the bleeding. So as not to pinch the skin under the tourniquet should be lining (bandages, soft material). Do not forget to rinse the injured area with clean water and soap (preferably commercial) and to treat the wound edges with brilliant green or iodine. Harness can hold no more than two hours, it may happen necrosis of tissues. After tourniquet the victim should be transported to the emergency room or hospital.

2. Injury
It appears when hitting a solid blunt object. First aid is aimed at reducing hemorrhage and pain relief.
To stop the internal bleeding necessary to impose a pressure bandage, give limbs an elevated position and cool the site of injury (attach bubble with ice or cold wet cloth).

3. Dislocation
In the fall, impact or an awkward movement of the joint can dislocated. First aid to reduce pain and delay the development of edema. On the damaged joint need to put an ice pack (cold etc.) and fix the limb: arm hung on a scarf or privinchivayut to the chest and the leg draped soft objects in the position in which she found herself.

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