Engineers have developed an Elevator capable of up to 1 km

Skyscrapers are getting higher, and technology grow together with them. The Finnish company COP came up with a system UltrаRope with which the Elevator can climb the km altitude.

In the daily lifts using heavy steel cables. Finnish experts have decided to change the steel and use of carbon fiber, thus the cable it turns lighter and significantly stronger — it is almost impossible to break. Elevator technology UltrаRope weighs 45% less than modern analogues. Besides light cables make softer braking of the cab.

According to the developers, the new ropes will serve twice as long due to their new hard cover. Also they are less sensitive to fluctuations in the building. At the moment, the company has made cables for the 500-meter skyscraper, but with the development of technology the height of the buildings would be nothing to hold back.

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