Scary feet stars

As the saying goes: "Beauty requires sacrifice." This is the case when the stars have to pay for the long heels.

At the feet of the famous Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz is primarily attract attention Curved middle fingers. According to the surgeon, this defect is easily corrected by surgery.

Legs Kate Moss mutilated years walking the catwalk: the twisted and bent inward like fingers suggests that the model for a long time wearing shoes smaller than required. As a result, the limb of the famous "Rose of the British" cause fear and horror.

Tilda Swinton - also a victim too tight shoes. On his feet up the side of the actress bones, and it is a sure sign that the soles of the star too closely in her shoes. Over time, this problem will progress - in severe cases, patients even have to sew shoes to order.

Sarah Jessica Parker, famous for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series "Sex and the City." The main fetish Kerry has always been high-heeled shoes, with whom the actress does not leave this day. Speakers vein - a sign that the actress is finally keep feet and move to more comfortable shoes.

If you are naive to think that Hollywood divas groomed from top to toe, take a look at the limb Elizabeth Hurley. The British star, it seems, did not bother to care about the feet - her toes and heels decorated with corns and nails in an ugly state.

Feet arrogant woman Victoria Beckham have long been the subject of tabloids. At the time, the mutilated fingers star designer shoes even brought her the title of "the most terrible celebrity legs" - a title she received from the British as a result of a poll. Tight shoes with narrow toes and mnogosantimetrovoy pin did their job - and now Posh tries not to appear in public in sandals.

But who, in the opinion Britons boasts ideal fingers, because it is their favorite Duchess of Cambridge. However, pedicures Kate Middleton has not always been so perfect: her marriage to girlfriend of Britain's Prince often photographed with flaky paint on nails.

The skin on your feet Goldie Hawn gives her age, although the face and the body of 66-year-old star looks very youthful. In general, as noted by the expert, the legs of the actress in excellent condition.

Kate Beckinsale somehow buys too small shoes: her little fingers all the time remain "on the street».

Czech beauty Eva Herzigova often do not know the steps to the beach and fry until redness. As a result, her legs are paying sunburn and spots.

The star of "Desperate Housewives" Teri Hatcher pays much attention pedicure and nail varnish color neon shades. Although it would be better actress attended to the health of legs and would buy a more spacious shoes. Twisted thumbs stars obviously closely in their elegant shoes with narrow toes.

Gwyneth Paltrow professes a healthy lifestyle, but apparently it does not apply to her feet. Thumbs actress strongly twisted, feet up the side of the marked bones. If it goes on, with the age of the star will require surgery.

Blond beauty Claudia Schiffer on the red carpet boasted long legs and the absence of the nail on the big toe. Perhaps the model suffered some sort of injury or it is simply banal stepped on the foot. According to experts, the restoration of the nail plate can take up to six months. All this time, Claudia would be better to wear closed shoes.

The whole leg Cameron Diaz look good - apart from the fact that her fingers are bent like a bird's foot: a clear sign that the star is too tight shoes. This is evidenced by a couple of corns.

At 43, Jennifer Aniston is different enviable fit and toned figure. But the legs of the actress to give her secret too big load detrimental effect on the veins. By the end of the star parties legs covered by this "web", and with age, this problem will only get worse.



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