Interesting look at the movies

Fans of the movie will be interesting to read about the standard theory is not the plot of our favorite movies.
And really, because we can not quite correctly perceive what is on the screen?
Let us think about it.

"Back to the Future". Doc - suicide

Doc is ready to kill himself along with Marty at the parking lot during their first time travel. Moreover, he did not test the time machine, he admits that many of his inventions was a failure.
So, at the moment of truth, when it is ready to find out if his life's work a great success or a complete failure, it not only leads DeLorean toward you, but enough of March, when he tries to escape.
If the test of the time machine has ruined, both of them would be killed. It is this desperate and wanted to dock in the event of the failure of the experiment.

Why Skynet does not destroy humanity?

If Skynet really wanted to carry humanity from the face of the earth, then why all these terminators? Why send robots, armed with guns, which can be captured and reprogrammed by the people? Seriously, how many people can kill a terminator for its life cycle? And think about the level of technology required for the manufacture of such robots. Why send beautiful, perfectly designed, smart terminators to be blown up, shot, reprogrammed?

Why not just leave all terminators in the laboratories and program them on cultivation of viruses in industrial environments. Skynet did not have to invent something new: the Ebola virus, anthrax, hemorrhagic smallpox, malaria, dengue virus. Carry it all on an industrial scale, and then sprayed over the whole earth 10 or 12 times. The war would be won even without a battle.

It turns out the following: we know that Skynet has consciousness and intelligence. He is able to calculate the possible options for future events and be ready for them. We also know that for a being that has intelligence and consciousness complete loneliness akin to torture. If Skynet wins, he will be completely alone. How Skynet can exist? We know that he is working on fusion energy. How much time to burn all the world's reserves of hydrogen, thorium and uranium?

But there is something worse for Skynet, worse than loneliness. Skynet was created for the sole purpose and only knows a single goal: WAR.

But left alone, without an enemy, Skynet will be not just one, it will be without a purpose for which it was created. Therefore, realizing the horror of waiting for it in the event of victory, and unable to nothing but war for which it was created, Skynet is only one thing to do: support the war, allowing local people to gain victory and to continue the battle. Thus, Skynet takes purposefully stupid tactical decisions and allows for strategic blunders, to leave people in the "game" forever.

Universes Tarantino

It is well known that the actions of all films Tarantino occur in the same universe. Mr. Blonde and Vince Vega - brothers, all smoking cigarettes brand «Red Apple», Mr. White worked with the Alabama of "True Love", etc.

Apparently, Donnie "The Bear Jew" Donnovits of "Inglorious Bastards" - the father of producer Lee Donovitsa of "True Love." This means that the universe Tarantino, all the people rose stories about Hitler, instead of quietly kill himself in his bunker, he died at the hands of small groups of Jewish commandos, who shot him in the burning theater because of that The Second World War ended in a movie theater, all attach great importance to pop culture, which is why almost all of Tarantino's heroes - connoisseurs of cinema and television. In addition, due to the fact that America won the Second World during one concentrated act of violent bloody massacre, the Americans are generally less sensitive to such things. Therefore, Butch not concerned about the murder of two people, Mr. White and Mr. Pink as a pragmatic approach to the question of murder, taxi driver Esmeralda so worried about death, etc.

This idea is extrapolated further, when you realize that the films of Tarantino technically take place in two universes. He even, in an interview said that "Kill Bill" and "From Dusk Till Dawn" takes place in "cinema cinema universe", ie they are films that characters "Pulp Fiction," "Reservoir Dogs," "True Romance" and "Death Proof" could look in the movie. ("Kill Bill," if it comes to that, based on the pilot of the series «Fox Force Five» Mia Wallace in the title role)

When you watch "Kill Bill" and "From Dusk Till Dawn," it is evident, that this movie with exaggerated violence, even by the standards of Tarantino. This movie, which filmed in the universe, in which America won a major victory, trapping several people in a movie theater, and blow them to pieces. And do not forget that Donovits Lee, the son of one of the people who had to kill Hitler, in this universe a successful film producer.

R2D2 was the real father of Luke

The theory appeared before the movie "The Empire Strikes Back." Father Luke was mortally wounded Vader. His brain was removed from the body and placed on life support system inside the robot. That's why, C3PO so worried about it running. C3 knows that in R2 are biological components.

It turns out that Luke, who received very little Jedi training always walks with his father inside the Jedi R2. Think about it: at the beginning, always, when Luke is doing something with the Force, R2 is always nearby. Except for one time only on Hoth. But that R2 does at the time? He deploys long-range aerial forces, which we never see.

Aladdin takes place in a post-apocalyptic future

In one scene, Jin clothing Aladdin calls "typical 3rd century." Jean was a prisoner of the lamp 10 thousand years old, respectively, may not be aware of fashion trends, which occurred while he was inside. This means that, at the latest, when Jin was in the lamp, this 3rd century, therefore, when he was released Aladdin, in the court for at least 10,200 years BC.

Conclusion: all the steps in "Aladdin" occur in the future. Post-apocalyptic world that has survived only Arab (and sometimes Greek) culture. It took so much time that the word "Arabia" became "Agraby." Islam atrophied to the point where there is no mosques, imams, or prayer rug, but people still thank God in moments of joy.

Amazing technological marvels, remaining from the previous civilization, such as flying carpets or genetically modified parrot that can recite meaningful human speech, taken for granted by local and are considered "magic". Jean confirms this theory, a parody of the ancient, long-dead celebrities such as Groucho Marx, Jack Nicholson, etc.

"Well, wait a minute»

Today I watched "Well, wait a minute," and you know, it turns out, is not just a cartoon about animals similar to humans. It is the whole fantasy. Postapokalipsis for mankind.

It's amazing how in such a cartoon could push such a universe. Everything is very simple. The fact is that to animals, such as the Wolf and the Hare in the world were people. This is evident from the series in the museum: there is a caveman, men have armor, have painted the Egyptians, there is even the Venus de Milo. That is, once there really were people! But then, from somewhere took bipedal animals and either enslave us, or simply destroyed. From the whole of humanity was only our culture that these creatures borrowed from us exactly up to alcoholics watching football shirt-alcoholic and with a fish in his hands.

Interestingly, not all the animals in the world, "Well, wait a minute" bipedal and reasonable. There there are horses that are still riding and animals and there is even ordinary domestic cats. If you observe the entire series, the most common animals are wolves, rabbits, dogs and hippopotamuses. There are also lions and bears. From this we can assume that the wolf chasing a hare not because of hunger, because they have a well-developed food industry, taken over by the people, and from some ideological differences. It is possible that the two hostile alien species, although Hares do not feel such hatred for the Wolves.



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