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The story is taken on the site of Rostov bikers, I called the people respect, because after all he has returned to growth without using anyone's help, and this is, after all, 1,200 kilometers! Then the story itself, on behalf of the participant in the events:

In fact the question:
Nizhny Novgorod skuteristki so severe that one knock biker accurate, rapid and inevitable blow, from which escape is impossible! Victor Talalikhin rest!

Quiet and peaceful, I was driving through the village Uzhovka Pochinok district Nizhegorodka area on his way to Rostov.
Ahead of peace and quiet girl riding a scooter.
So the whole village at a speed of at km40 hour passed.
I tried to stay so he could see her face in her mirror - the principle of "She sees me».
The naivete of mine knew no bounds!
At the end of the village, it started to slow down and go to the sidelines. There's still primed to extreme home departs.
I thought that it is directed to.
It turned out - no. And it was just a red herring.
I continued to move in its lane, accelerating slightly since I saw the sign of the end of the village. The girl on the right disappears from sight

I woke up on the sidelines. Lying seems a long time since fussed around people and blood helmet natekla considerably. [next]
Helmet split, glass scratched and torn, on the edge of the helmet healthy teaser broken right knee, the hand does not rise, because a sharp pain in his shoulder and collarbone

Brilliant items from Mota scattered on the roadside.

The girl with the scooter is on the road and moans, it soon came ...
Shouting "water-water" came up, gave them a bottle of Mota

It turns out that she wanted to, probably, in the way of a great circle around and dolbanula in my right side, I saw skhodune not heard in the mirror was not going to watch. He tried to lift the motorcycle, was not able to ...
People say - raise the gasoline flows.

Gaytsy somehow quickly interviewed me and sent to the hospital, even though I resisted, X-ray showed that the fracture is not only strong bruises,
deep cuts on his face Surgeon shustrenko darned.

Did you not see that I was beautiful, then everything turned black and the face was swollen, and wound through the cheeks of them still blood goes

Well, okay, the formalities in the SAI has taken 20-30 minutes, the police immediately to the documents I have given input and explained where you can buy a new pair of glasses (my naturally broken) and helmet. Points found a helmet - no
I went by taxi to the bike (he was in a nearby village),
gaytsy told me that all things are neatly gathered at the gas station and the MOC there is under the supervision of a number.
He came - and the truth is. All the parts broken off neatly folded in the trunk
1) deflated front tire on the bus through the cut finger three
2) a broken right mirror
3) handle the rear brake is a separate (cut the screw fastening), the mechanism on the handlebar TURNED BY 90 degrees
4) pedal rear brake rushing broken out, craving cut like a knife.
Well, about the numerous dents and scratches no question
trunks killed at all, but they saved the entire back of the bike (and my leg is likely)

Then the guy pulled up in a car, says Katie of the ILO to the street, and there you will turn and another 200 meters, you will see the police car, where I live, we will mend the ILO, and the after half an hour I'll be there. It turned out - the local precinct.
Roll could not - at the right hand shoulder at the left wrist is not working - a strong stretching, but attempts a third machine start. The problem is that there are no brakes ... crept in first gear.
Look - angle of the tire (I have the same front wheel cloth), stopped,
been looking hexagons remove the wheel (I had to go in and buy hozmage 70 and 30R).
They took off, stuck a camera, and the bus - there is nothing, paved inside a scrap inner tubes, wheel itself on the one hand as a milled, on the other - as a drive from conveyers - sharp burrs. On what broke - s / s wheel ... They put the boys, did not take the money. Then came the precinct, I stumbled after him

In the courtyard at the divisional front brakes revived, I turned back to the mechanism, set the knob (suitable screw was left), washers cleaned off, as hydraulics on the screw struck - all had to sort through and clean the well that after replacing the liquid pad was pretty unnecessary - just after the events of the desired level was
we pumped with Valery (this district) brakes - and it became clear that I had to go on their own power - no power to make mirrors and pedal

Total 7 pm, and I feel - is cut down, and there can not even, and cuts hurt, front tooth knocked out, and the rest through a stagger. Bed on the porch and I slept like a log. Wakes up at night, he could not change position - and it hurts, and it's ... all messed up sheet for people with blood

In the morning wakes Valera - the plant went pedal to boil off. Semi-abandoned factory made engines before. Polmototsikla dismantled, to bear took off, everything is straightened, welded, chrome rod, too ... of course, I burned
Pomaia and I'm setting rods, but the rear brakes have earned, and even better speed steel switch. Vvzyali already 200r for all

Well, the helmet I bought a cheap Chinese then in Saransk, and a new front tire - and drove in Penza.

at first I could only left leg over the saddle throw
left and right hand on the steering wheel put
driving slowly - with holes in the wheel and the helmet without glass
then faster - with the foot and the hand went
everything is getting better!

Thanks to everyone who called and supported!
It is helped!

But I did not have never thought of myself not finishing what I was going to take the truck.

From management:
As could have been avoided?
I think that in any way. The girl was riding a scooter adequately, no alert.
If the helmet was integral entity would not hurt.
If the jacket was buttoned - shoulder is not stripped.
And the pants were without protection.

And in general - ochchchchen lightly.
Maybe because once passed out, and was relaxed, he did not put any elbows and shoulders are not strained. And do not break anything.
And the jacket sleeves Cordura much broke, but no sign of elbows bruises or abrasions do not have. Effective protection!

And the girl was not wearing a helmet and a vest.
But it, sorry, do not feel sorry at all.
Really could not look in the mirror?
And gaytsy said - not the first time she had such problems ...
details, with comments of those who worried about a missing comrade can be read here



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