And you were missing something at home?

As our household with love and care about us trying to have (as they say), get rid of unnecessary different household trash. Old vinyl records, cracked pair of skis, seasoned web ironing board, cotton mattresses ...
And every time we get into a stupor when you do not find in the usual place of this or that little things that quietly gathering dust in the closet last 10 years, but right now you need it.
And of course we are running (ringing) to his dear half, with idiotic in their opinion the question: - "My dear (expensive), and you have not seen (a) mine here is" it ", I would like (a) to fix (to sell change, give, take to the country, throw yourself)? »
On the question of our mercantile establishment of the kind usually answer: - "Have you forgotten (a)? I did it yesterday (last year) emissions (a) in the trash (presented (a) neighbor Vovk took (la) to her mother in Barnaul, made (a) of his stand under a cactus) ».
And at that moment we started ... in a word, the palm itself somehow turns into a fist of rage and want to immediately run somewhere (to save my "it"), but there's nowhere to run, too late. Even if "it" is carried to the garbage cans a minute ago.
In my (not the first, but recent) case I lost the amplifier and the antenna of the radio telephone. With the cheaper cost of mobile services, I (like most) virtually stopped using "urban" phone. I cry just because I have it. A radioudlinnitel (cordless) that cost me in 2002 to $ 800 (with registration in Goschatotnadzore) took a place of honor in the pantry, among other iconic things of the past millennium (cassette, VHS-cassette, VHS-video camera). And so, when my better half started another pre-Christmas-paranoid attack "big clean" apartments from all rubbish, and she got to the antenna of the radio telephone. Everything was packed in the original carton, including and this meter aluminum pipe napichkanaya electronics. Spouse without hesitation and even without opening the package, make sure that there is perhaps something useful and valuable, I went and threw it in the trash heap, she thought, "fluorescent tube". When I asked why she decided that this mercury lamp, because we do not have any at home so she said, smiling sweetly: - "And there is nothing any unnecessary nonsense to drag into the house. And anyway, it's your stuff - you and throw! »
That's the whole logic.
But there was a sequel. I immediately ran out to the street (good response) and three jumps has appeared near the dumpsters. Near them lay peacefully thin cardboard box with my antenna. Apparently, after spending the whole day in full view of the local "metalheads" and janitors scavengers, it so no one was interested. And who wants to communicate with mercury?
Now in fact all. Write on, and you are such as the "clean" and what you have lost in recent years as a result of raider attacks your loved ones to "bins homeland»?
Note - soon the New Year. Be alert, do an audit of his "wealth", which would then have been no incidents and issues about the need to keep on the balcony of an old tube radio or a compressor for aquarium.



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