Bird needs help

In blogs rolled appeal to help birds. For example here:
Birds in trouble, need help
"Glaciation" nature - terrible trouble for Pichugov, it is a real famine. Birds have a very fast metabolism, they need to eat often. And now - nothing. All their supplies were covered with a crust of ice that can not penetrate. Everything under the ice - seeds of trees, mountain ash, everything.
Useful Pichugov predators can not get under the tree bark, where they could get hold of a worm. They can save hung in the bushes (not available for crows) unsalted fat trimming.
If the birds do not help, they will die.
Urgent, who may need to make feeders, fill them with food.
If the bird does not help - the nature hit us again, but in the summer. In the absence of extinct birds in the winter provide a powerful outbreak of pests, and we risk seeing around the city and around the dead trees.
I ask the census

I decided to respond. I did not need not call. But if someone decides to connect, you know that to make a few feeders from scrap materials - a piece of cake. If you google - get out a bunch of tips. I use PET bottles of various calibers and old tea packs. Strengthened rib construction tape packs. He also secured the sharp edges in the slots bottles. As the planting unit and perches using parts from the cabinet, and others. One as dawn hang on the balcony (although the balcony dirtied birds, but oh well). And then I go for a walk with rebetenka and hang the rest (about six will do). I hope my little joke like this. One of the most vivid impressions of my childhood - like my father knocked together a birdhouse and prisobachivali him to a tree.

Not sure it's worth it to post on the entertainment portal. And by the way, I am not a fan of some wildlife.
Just sometimes it is necessary to help. Especially not require much effort - is the trough, so filling, if the boys do not pluck
ps And the fact that the fat eaten by birds - well, never thought



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