Know your right!

The story told in the first person. The action takes place on the territory of the Kursk railway station in Moscow.
"Recently, I came to Moscow in the state got drunk at the Kursk station (well companions caught funny!) I go by the train station, not bothering anyone. Towards defiles Moscow police sergeant and the sleeve is a guy with a jar of alcohol cocktail in hand. It passes me and question me on the forehead: "Man, where are you from and where"?

I told him:
 - What? !!!
 - Man, do you come from?
 - Comrade Sergeant, we're on brondenshaft drinking, or can we be brethren?
 - Shaw?
 - Since when have the police on you handle?
 - What?
 - First, introduce yourself and present your identity!
 - Sergeant Doe.
 - Certification of Your Present!
 - Please!
 - Yeah, ATC Tushino, and what you are doing at the Kursk station ?! This is the territory of the transport police!
 - Yes, we do, help ... [next]
 - Well, show me the table fast.
 - And I do not have it at the head of the shift.
 - Well, let's go to him.
 - So it is at dinner.
 - At 9 pm?
 - Well, we have not normalized the day.
 - Okay, I have no time to deal with you. More questions for me there?
 - Yes, you have come from and where to eat? (that got annoying)
 - I came from there (pointing back) and go there (pointing forward) More questions?
 - No
 - Happily, Comrade Sergeant!
 - Goodbye.

Throughout our conversation with eyes wide open watching a detainee with a jar of cocktail and could not understand how this is clearly drunk guy did not show identification and quietly built a cop poschёl more! But the solution is simple - know your rights and never be afraid! »

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