Jaguar B99 Concept by Bertone 'in 2011 (12 images)

12 images.
Earlier we looked at trends in a series of "four-door coupe» (forum11/topic302435.html ). At the Geneva Motor Show in 2011 the design company Bertone promised to show a prototype "dvuhspolovinoydvernogo" coupe Jaguar B99. Why "dvuhspolovinoy ..."? And because instead of a full rear doors is a "coupe-sedan" is swinging open "upstream" half-door (like Mazda RX-8).

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By the way, the index of "B99" prototype was an ulterior motive: "B" - are, respectively, Bertone, and "99" - coming this year predyubileyny age design studio and was timed to what this car. Designers Bertone promised to "gift" to revive the style of the old classic "Jaguar" and apparently drew inspiration from the lines and proportions of bodies of the series "X": starting with the sedan Jaguar-XJ6 1968. Obviously appealing to coupe Jaguar XJ12C 1975 and ending with the last of the this cohort - Jaguar X-type, prezentovanym in 2004.

Silhouette concept reminiscent of classics sedans Jaguar. It is possible that B99 - is a prototype of future models of X-Type. However, the "Jaguar" might try to press with this model of "luxury" of competitors in the segment «D». The length of the machine is only 4, 5 meters, shorter than the current X-Type 17 centimeters! On renderers machine seems a little larger due to the low height - 1, 35 m, and its width is 1, 95 m.

Body panels Jaguar B99 vykolocheny of aluminum sheet manually. The creators of the concept is called "authentic Italian technology", but it's worth noting that the classic Jaguars were created as well. The concept features a hybrid power plant with an extended range of features designed unit Bertone Energy, which for more than twenty years conducting research of alternative powertrains.

Work on the interior of the concept still underway, so that the public only shows only sketches, but also it can be understood that the design of the cabin is in the tradition of Jaguar - extraordinary.

Inside the car is expected to show a celebration of luxury and refinement using expensive materials: leather and rare wood. The creators of the concept say that the interior will be made more than worthy: the best Italian leather, aluminum polishing, an African tree.

Intonation sportiness added four individual bucket seats, and the elite emphasize the name of «Jaguar» full aluminum threshold.

Procure three more on the internet working sketches from the back of the design options of the prototype.



In an automotive publications also flashed the information that the unit Bertone Energy set out to offer their achievements for the racing prototype. Along with the road Jaguar B99 will be presented to the car, prepared to race in the class GT2 - with an aggressive aerodynamic body kit in war paint.
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Finally, I note that in the 90 years of the last century on the basis of the body series «XJ» has already been an attempt to create dvuhdverki. Only it was a convertible, and he wore a brand of "subsidiary» Jaguar company - Daimler. The very prototype of 1996, respectively, called Daimler Corsica Concept. It is possible that the designers Bertone at this time and kept looking at him.



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