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1.Mogut whether animals such as dogs, snoring?

If you have at least a fish, you can put the blame on them for snoring. But better to keep a dog. The main thing is not to be mistaken. Ability to snoring of a dog depends on its age and breed. Holders of short noses, such as bulldogs and pugs, snoring in his youth and old age. This is associated with a particular device and jaw nasopharyngeal. Dogs with medium noses, like German shepherds and Rottweilers, are starting to snore only in old age. Cats, by the way, are not far behind: they snore because they have sinks language. Cats and dogs - are not the only animals who can snore. Almost all mammals that have a runny nose is possible, too, often snore and do not allow others to sleep, so that the plug deer pillow, if it is close.

2. How to get the right to drive an icebreaker and if I can sail it to the Arctic?

For rights management icebreaker needed to complete the marine college, and then another additional training and training on the icebreaker. Only then will you be allowed to manage the huge ship. As a result, all in all will take about ten years. As for the Arctic, there are fewer problems: under current international law, it is divided between five countries: the United States, Russia, Norway and Denmark. Our country is entitled to a 320-mile economic zone, so if you go on a spree, do not forget to go to the "McDonald's" on American soil. By the way, even if you have unnecessary money to buy ice-breaker will not work: private possession is prohibited by law. So we'll have to build the ship.

3. Is it possible, with powerful arms, neck roll himself to death?

Very strong man forces should suffice. However, he is able to do only in a state of extreme intoxication. The fact that the man is highly developed survival instinct, which prevents us from time to time to turn off my neck, so I can offer you a little rubbing alcohol for courage. If a person still be able to clear himself vertebrae, then most likely, he would die of shock if there were no other diseases such as thrombocytosis. In the event that the Braves will be able to break the fourth vertebra (located just above the breast, so you should not just turn the neck to the side, but also pull it up), refused the lungs and the person just suffocate. By the way, at the beginning of the XX century many secret military taught to break his neck without hands to avoid interrogations and traffic congestion. First, you need to swing the body from left to right. Going into a rhythm, you have to turn his head sharply in the opposite direction.

4. Can I buy into private ownership of the volcano, and what if he wakes up?

Let's say you wanted to buy, say, the same Eyjafjallajökull. If you have a lot of money - treat. To buy a volcano, it is necessary that someone has sold you. By law, volcanoes, hills, and other unwanted objects belong to the state. Therefore, theoretically, you can buy a volcano on the procedure for the privatization of property. Another thing is that the government is unlikely to trust you volcano in private property, unless you're a group of brilliant scientists who have to live near the vents to always something to learn. With regard to the eruption of the standard contract of sale to the buyer the burden of responsibility for the acquisition of property. However, you buy only the surface, but not all underground vents, core and worms. Therefore, the eruption will be charged on the natural disasters that man can not tame. In short, as usual, you get away with it. I have your luck!

5. Who decides the name of someone called icebreaker, submarine or ship?

The system of naming is fairly simple. As a rule, the initiative put forward by those who decided to build the object. In the case of submarines and other vessel it will be the Ministry of Defence. If it comes to industrial names (cities, districts, streets, etc.), the name must necessarily be consistent with the deputy mayor. By the way, if the people doubt the existence of the hero Pisyulina and want to rename an object, they can file a collective application to the municipality in the name of the deputy mayor. At the very least, consider such a request. And if you're lucky, and agree.

6. What if the players on the field during a match will want to use the toilet?

If a player has stomach problems before the match, he will definitely take drugs that will allow him to play. Footballer, if anything, can ask for replacement or doterpit before the break. But referee Massimo Busacca (Massimo Busacca) September 12, 2009 during the World Cup Qatar probably believed that Africans - cultured people at the right time to turn away. He relieve themselves right in the penalty area of ​​the home team. After that, he was disqualified.

7. What to do with the eyes, to a cat, see in the dark?

I must admit that none of the cat in good faith will not agree to give up their eyes for transplant. And other ways not. The fact that the human retina has two kinds of visual education. One, called cones, perceive the shape and color of the objects. Other sticks, also called machine twilight vision, distinguish light and shadow. So, in the rods contained visual purple (rhodopsin), which splits the light. As soon as we have the darkness envelops, rhodopsin begins to accumulate and increase the sensitivity of the eye. The retina of mammals, nocturnal (cats just because of these), consists mainly of sticks and daytime animals (like humans)) - from cones. Change the ratio of the rods and cones in the human retina is impossible. If supernatural powers cats cause someone to envy, incompatible with life, try to eat carrots. Carotene contained therein improves night vision, affecting the speed of production of rhodopsin. After the carrot diet can certainly learn to find a black cat in a dark room, even if it is not there.

8. What name has become famous for centuries?

Ancient Egyptian priest Manetho suggested that we ever ask this question. For this, he re-read his whole life ton Tsarist lists and was a detailed history of the ancient world. So, according to her, she sought a man (that is the oldest celebrity) is the first terrestrial ruler of Egypt Menes, who lived around 3050 BC He owns many merits: the union of warring Upper and Lower Egypt, a victory over the Libyans and the establishment of cults. In general, Menes was a great guy, and, most likely, would have joined the list of its merits, if during the hunt for 63-year reign of his killed a hippopotamus. However, it is better so than to sink into obscurity, like those rulers of Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Cycladic land, trampled ground even before Menes.

9. Can the blind dream?

Blind from birth people do not see dreams, but they are their "smell and touch" as they say, a sleep specialists (who themselves some sighted people). Dreams are compiled from real experiences, which records the brain during life and then in a chaotic manner broadcasts. Since the blind perceive the world with the help of smells, tastes, sounds and tactile sensations, they are in a dream and listen to music, touch the items. However, doctors specify that people who have lost their vision after birth, may for a long time, it is to dream, to dream that is visual imagery.

10. hedgehogs vychёsyvayut fleas?

Hedgehogs never scratched. Hedgehogs - one of the most polluted animals, they inhabit countless evil spirits. But they combed it is not the traditional way, but with the help of pesticides. No, they do not handle themselves aerosols and do not sleep in vats of waste chemical plants. Jerzy periodically make so-called "samooplevyvanie" - smeared on their needles foamy saliva. Saliva has a powerful insecticidal action, that is, kill insects and disinfects the needle in a flash. To develop animal saliva just to smell the object, which has a pungent smell - for example his litter or other hedgehog.

11. There are medications for animals. And there are insects?

Yes. Surprisingly, in agriculture, some insects are on the category of "pets": bees, silkworms, for example. And they decided to treat both from natural diseases and on genetic derived from crosses. In general, etmologi argue that insects get sick less often than animals. Therefore, medications they do not need too. The body of insects can destroy E. coli, pathogens most viral infections and even cancer cells. The main scourge of wild insects - a deformity of the joints at the "elderly" representatives (ie, rheumatism). For example, cockroaches in 60 days of age it is difficult to move on a vertical surface. But scientists share their grave is not going to facilitate.

12. Why is the direction running around the stadium always counterclockwise?

The answer is in the "History of Europe" Norman Davies - this book is generally competes for entertaining with a 'Who Knows?'. The tradition is preserved since the days of Greece, where the sport (artificial development) contrasted the nature (natural evolution). Then we decided to run against - though not the shooter, which was not there, and against the movement of the shadows in the sundial. And still later, some athletes have noticed a century, so run a little bit more comfortable, at least, a right-handed athletes. Running Stadium counterclockwise, right foot athlete makes a wider pitch than would his left, since the amplitude of movement of the right leg a few centimeters more.

13. When the left to the right?

If you look at a map of Ukraine, then, finding in it the Dnieper, it can be seen and one of its tributaries - the river Desna. Anyone even slightly familiar with the basics of geography, to say that the Desna - left tributary of the Dnieper. But the word "gum" in ancient means "right". And an expression such as "sit at the right hand master," means literally to sit to the right of the host. In today's Serbo-Croatian - one of the close relatives of Russian - "gum" also means "right". So why, then, Desna is a left tributary of the Dnieper? The fact that the Eastern Slavs, learning and calling the river, moving up the Dnieper and Desna while actually located on the right.

14. Are there more in the world has some unexplored territory?

Yes, white spots on the map still exist. Remain under-researched, Antarctica, small oceanic islands and the Amazon jungle. These areas are extremely dangerous and difficult, but their development - a matter of time. Another thing - closed for exploring the area, such as North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean. On this island inhabited by a primitive tribe, and science knows very little about it: the savages have a growth of 140 cm and talking in an unknown language. In order to maintain the population of any trip to the island banned by the government. Even the sentinelese not differ special hospitality and best newcomer slain with spears.

15. Why woolens sit terribly wrong after washing?

Any wool, whether wool sheep, vicuna or sweater is composed of the protein keratin. The flakes are stacked in its fiber circles and are flush with each other (in the sense strand of wool equal similar to bump and a spring). At a pressure and a temperature of 40 degrees water penetrates between the scales and their glues, fiber shortening. Forever!

16. What do the hospital with amputated limbs and organs?

Typically amputated body parts after disinfection is placed in a sealed disposable packaging and are burned in the crematorium. In addition, in some cases, doctors may give the affected limb to relatives for burial. If no crematorium, no relatives there, hospital officials buried amputated body parts for municipal accounts. There are no other options!

17. If a person falls into a coma for a long time, it gets old?

To a certain practice such cases are not met, so to say with absolute certainty is impossible. However, theoretical knowledge is enough to give a definite answer: Yes, getting older. After all, despite the fact that the patient is in a coma completely lost consciousness and reaction to stimuli, the body continues to live: updated cells, tissues undergo the same changes as in ordinary life. However, slower. Translated from the Greek "coma" means "deep sleep." Alas, no matter how deep it is, you can not go to bed at 20, wake up at 50 and look like Sergei Zverev. Well, thank God in general.

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